Friday, January 1, 2010

You know you're a redneck when...

... your birthday cake is a shotgun.

... your birthday/Christmas wish list reads like an artillery list for the military.

... your youngest child instictively knows what to do with a chainsaw. And how to make car noises. And gun noises.

We should have called this the "weapons of mass destruction" birthday. Yes, his cake was a shotgun.

**No, my cake friends, I did not, as evident, spend a lot of time or thought on this cake, as I was still frosting it when the party guests were arriving half an hour late. It was a last minute mastermind of "hmm, do you think I can actually do that? Let's give it a quick whirl", assisted by King Kong who was selling a gunstock on ebay and therefore it was available for me to "copy" since I have no idea in this world how to draw a gun in any sort of replicable fashion off the top of my head.

It's what he asked for. We have moved on from airplanes. At least it wasn't a request for deer antlers. I would have died then.

This year, we had the new experience of George making a specific list. I kinda liked it. Made gift giving really easy. Maybe next year, miss picky picky Koko will have one too.

Yes folks, they are playing a voluntary game of "Saw Me." He's wanted a chainsaw since we saw the "liverjack" (pronounced with a long e, like alive, not the organ) show at the county fair 3 1/2 yrs ago and again last summer. Daddy's "liverjack" show on our side yard this fall did nothing to add fuel to that fire. And as a testment to his elephant-like memory, he saw a hedge trimmer, that to him was a chainsaw, at a local farm supply store 3 Christmases ago, and has NOT. FORGOTTEN. He asks all. the. time.

In my seach at Wally World, he and I ran across the "tool" section, where, while they didn't have the chainsaw, they did have a really cool weed trimmer that got added to the list.

He also got a Nerf airblaster gun (thank you Happy Meal for that inspiration - not. I'm finding those stinkin' bullets all over my house), plus more bullets in his stocking because it only took a week for those first 8 to be goners, and he had asked for a new bow and arrow (he has a nice bow, but destroyed the arrows LONG ago), which he recieved, but due to it's less than durable construction, it only made it a day. No tears shed on that one from Mrs. Bananas.

So, to tally up, he got a Nerf gun, Nerf bullets, a chainsaw, a weed whacker, and a bow and arrow. Add that to the arsenal of 2 light sabers, 2 nerf guns that shoot balls not darts, a slew of various water guns, and a random pistol or two, (and I would have been able to count his lever-action shotgun but it sadly broke and was finally thrown out about a month ago, and PTL* he didn't think to ask for a new one) we have quite the arms stockpile. Oh, and a log that you can set "beer cans" on and "shoot them off." Though the gun for that found it's way to the sandbox and did not survive the trip. We just use the tv remote instead. The log, however, now has found it's new purpose... being a log. Haha.

*Praise The Lord

Oh, and not to be forgotten is the sword of endless torture.

Sorry MckMama, I did not steal this post title from you, you just posted first. But great minds think alike, right? :o)

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