Friday, January 29, 2010

Three 3

My third is Three!

The biggest of my babes, by 1 lb 6 oz, she rang in at 8 lbs 5 oz. She had the most, darkest, and craziest head of hair that her auntie loved to smoothe into a faux-hawk.

She was the baby that caused many people in my church to reconsider thoughts of having one/another one. She was very content, rarely cried, but she let you know if something bothered her.

She is never clean. Her face is always dirty, her clothes are always dirty. That is, IF she is wearing any. She likes to get dressed, but doesn't tend to stay that way. She has a very serious side, but at the same time is so hilarious. Mostly she doesn't know it, or doesn't try, she just is. She cracks us right up. Sometimes she laughs right along with us, sometimes we get the equally funny "mOOooom. Don't laaay-yaaaff."

The child who still sucks her two fingers, on the left hand. Who still carries around her blankie, and has passed this behavior on to her successor. She's about as easy to convince and as spacey as they come. She can tell you that green beans are yucky, but you reply with a "no, they're yummy." To which she replies, "they are?" and then procedes to eat them, fully convinced.

Her spacey-ness causes her to fall all. the. time. Usually gashing her poor little lips. The only child of ours of yet to have necessitated a bloody trip to the ER. Twice. I don't even blink anymore. I just grab a washcloth.

She loves to laugh, pretend, dance, and play dress up. She very much loves the color pink, but she's not picky and is usually happy with whatever comes her way (which balances out her older sister quite nicely for the mama).

Happy Birthday, sweet Cheeks!


  1. What. A. Beautiful. Post! She is absolutely adorable too. All that hair as a!

  2. Awwww - CONGRATULATIONS!! To you both!!

  3. Ang, that hair did not come without heartburn. It's true what they say.