Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Oh, doesn't this look cute? How fun and creative? I bet everyone enjoyed that!

Lemme tell ya. Looks can be deceiving. (insert eyebrow furrow)

Snowmen, seemingly psyched for a simple sledding excursion.

But wait... something is very wrong.

I see only sorta smiles, sagging sides, slipping sleds. There's sorrow in those eyes.

What was to be sweet, is suddenly slightly sullen.

My sight, my sight! Never to be seen again. sigh.

Because, see, a certain someone who's cheeks shall remain nameless, decided she needed a snack and mutilated the sad-as-they-were creations. (However, her own creation was left unscathed. Of coarse.) Some were shorter. Others lacked headwear. Some, eyes. And their smiles turned upside down. sniffle.

See? Sadness.

Note to anyone who is interested in their own snowmen / marshmallow creations: **please notice that the powder that coats the outside of the marshmallows so they don't stick to each other, also prevents them from sticking to anything else, even when you want them to. So you kinda need to "wash" the marshmallows, by dampening it with a towel, or your tongue (though if you use your tongue, you may not want to share these with your neighbors), but only on the side you need something to stick to.

**Also, this is not an age appropriate activity for young children. I would say 7 or 8 or better. 3, 5 and 6 experienced much difficulty under the instruction of their perfectionistic supervisor.

**Toothpicks help stabilize marshmallow creations,
and can easily be pushed into graham crackers.


  1. They're too cute :) I miss the little ones!

  2. Those are adorable even though they seem to have gone through trials they may never want to speak about. At least the one only saw half of what was happening. Ba dum ching