Sunday, January 3, 2010


Tonight, King Kong and Mrs. Bananas will be knighted (is that the right thing? initiated? inaugurated? inducted? idk) as tooth fairies.

Little Miss Koko has finally lost her tooth. I has seemed to take ages to get to this point, as it was mid-November when she declared it was loose. The new tooth had already started popping thru, and now is as high as her other teeth, pushing it's way forward, and pushing out anything in it's way. So out pops tooth. With a little help from daddy's pliers.

But the tooth fairy is very small, you know. No one has ever really seen her. She comes when you're sleeping.

I think someone will be very interested in going to be early tonight.

Also in the line of firsts, this is my 100th post. Congrats Mrs Bananas. Maybe in another 10 yrs you can plunk out another 100 posts. Sorry, no giveaways today. I couldn't think of anything cool to give away to celebrate the occasion, unless someone was interested in a couple dozen of my homemade chocolate chip cookies. (Really, I'm just looking for a reason to make them.)


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