Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here are my goals for the month of January: On top of raising my 4 young children ...
  • Start homeschooling my 5yo son to finish out his second year of preschool. (Not going well at school. More on that later maybe.) I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • Potty train my nearly 2yo daughter.
  • Keep my house somewhat clean (since we did a big pre-company clean last week.)(This one's not lookin' so good right now.)

Anyone want to start laughing their culo off right now??? Cuz I think I'm probably nuts. I know I'm nuts. I'm at least going there, closer and closer, day by day.

So did ya wanna know what my sweet B-Boy was attempting to dress up as....

That's right. Batman.

Points for creativity. Do you see how he tied the bandana to have antennae or fins or whatever they are? I did. not. do this for him.

Now check out this one. I don't even know. Once it was a firefighter. I didn't ask this time. The even funnier thing was that he sat down and played on the computer for about 1/2 an hour dressed like this. I just can't stop laughing. It probably should embarrass me. I think I'm just beyond that at this point.


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