Sunday, January 4, 2009

Seemingly Monday.

Not me Monday. Hmmm... Can I call it that even though it is Sunday as I'm starting to write this (since I usually never remember until about 10pm Monday night)? I always start out this theraputic and cathartic process of cleansing my perfection tablet thinking, no, I don't really think I have much to write about. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. Then I start writing and all the stuff that just absolutely didn't happen at my house comes rushing back to mind. Hmmm... and just what was I thinking that this mother of 4 would have nothing to share... Laughable.

Today, however, instead of pondering on all the mistakes I have made or the thousand ways my kids drive me nuts are total blessings, I am reminded how abundantly blessed I am, to have four beautiful children who are happy and healthy and essentially well cared for, in a home, where there is food, heat, and two parents who are also healthy and alive, who love them, love each other, and love God. Not everyone is so fortunate. Thank you, Lord Jesus. I am not worthy. I am humbled.

And without further ado...
  1. I did not just google to make sure I spelled 'ado' correctly, because I am not a person who is 1. that anal, and 2. that much of a freak about grammar/spelling. (I LOVE Google. Google is our friend.) I do not have a problem being wrong.
  2. I do not get highly incensed about people who fail to use at least a MINIMUM of punctuation or grammar in their writing. I do not resort to namecalling regarding such person's intelligence because they can't even use a period. Not even one!
  3. I did not hear my not quite 4 yr old daughter tell me she was wearing her "skinny jeans" (when actually they were red leggings). I did not BUST. OUT. LAUGHING. at this statement, then have to pretend I was laughing at something else. She would not be saying that to mimic her 13 yr old sister who was just here for Christmas vacation, and much a slave to the "skinny jean" revolution.
  4. I did not hear my 5 yr old son call his almost 2 yr old sister his "henchman." Again, I did not bust out laughing. (Ok, really I didn't. But I did in my mind. Laugh, that is.)
  5. I was not told by my 3 yr old daughter "Please make Dillon a bottle, already." She has not been playing "little mother" all day, and copping some funny little motherly, um, shall we say, attitude today, even asking me "what's your choice, huh?" Where does she get this stuff?
  6. I am not posting pics of the gingerbread house we made 2 weeks ago because I was too lazy busy to get to it during the holidays. And let those pics go to waste? No, I posted everyday to keep you all abreast of out festive goings-on. I have that much time.

  7. This is not my gorgeous step-daughter. Her father (especially) and I were not slightly take aback by her grown-up-ness and maturation, upon seeing her get off the airplane, with lots of black eyeliner, straightened, black-dyed hair, and pink zebra striped purse. Oh, and I shan't forget the "skinny jeans" and low-cut tank tops more filled out than mine.

    Picture editing hers, not mine. BeccaBombshell is not her MySpace "name" (for a 13yo)

  8. This is not my infant child playing with a plastic bag. He was not so incredibly happy to have "captured" the bread, that I just couldn't take it away. He is also not sitting in his Bumbo seat on the table. That's not safe. I'm a very safety conscious mother.

  9. This is not an example of what my 3 oldest children can do to my living room in 20 minutes. This motivates me to clean, even more than I already am. The sense of accomplishment is OVERWHELMING.

  10. Oh, this one outta gross ya out.... I did not find out my daughter had some sort of sore / infection behind her ear by smelling its' foul odor. Blech! No, I am much more attentive to my children's hygiene than to have allowed something to get so totally grody, like that. Uffda!

And on that note... I think I shall end for this session. Now... Who do I pay? Oh, that's right. It's free therapy, courtesy of it's creator, MckMama. Check her out!


  1. You should see what SIX kids can do to a house in two DAYS. Let's just say it's not pretty. Or motivating. Which is probably why I have four unfolded loads of laundry downstairs.

  2. Yep, kids can kill a room in no time right? Love it! Great list, I loved the skinny jean comment!

  3. We used to sit my neice on the table in her bumbo all the time (with us there of course)-it's tooooo cute!
    great nmms!!

  4. I laughed when I read the ear infection...I mean, really, what mother actually cleans behind their kid's ears. I know I don't!

  5. Gotta love those skinny jeans on your sweet step daughter. I would love some now...too! Have a wonderful week!

  6. I do not love your life. ;)

  7. OMG I sat during CHURCH yesterday and started my NOT ME list! YIKES!! Yes, as I was sitting DIRECTLY behind the Youth Minister...essentially my BOSS! HAAAAA!! OOPS!

  8. Your stepdaughter and children are precious!!!

  9. Uffda! I love it. My friend from Minnesota says this.


  10. First, LOVE GOOGLE! I am known as the Google queen at work, can you believe that people don't actually know you can look up anything there? It is a tragedy! Skinny jeans! LOL! :) Have a great week and I enjoyed your NMM!

  11. Hi I am from
    I wanted to tell you that you completely made my night when I saw you left a comment on my blog. Nobody really reads it but I feel good writing just the same. Your kind words meant so much to me. I hope you will check back every once in awhile. I love your blog, especially your title, to cute! How blessed you are and how absolutely beautiful your children are! Take good care!