Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, bloody Monday

My Not Me’s will be very short today. Because I need to accentuate the positive. And just not go there. No need to unleash the beast. So I’m having a backwards Not Me Monday. Does that work?

  1. I did NOT cry my poor little eyes out, upon arriving at the ECFE play center, only to find it closed “due to weather.” “What weather?” I asked. “Its blue skies and sunny.
  2. I did NOT “relent” and go to the mall play area, which I hate, only to be pleasantly surprised and utterly blessed that we were the Only. Ones. There. (besides the friend we were meeting) for ONE AND A HALF HOURS. That doesn’t happen. Ever. Really.
  3. I did NOT eat an entire batch of no-bake cookies by myself, minus the 6 I fed my children. I am neither selfish nor gluttonous.

Have ya ever had one of those “days” (weeks, months, years, etc.) where you just had a hard time finding the sun? Wait, could it be that we aren’t seeing much sun? That’s GOT to be IT! It’s been a week trapped at home, prisoner to a jailer of bitterly cold weather. This does wonders for how children behave and get along. Or how you and your spouse behave and get along. And though it’s just a passing phase, it seems to drag on forever. Well, it’s been one of those. Where complaints are high, praises are low. I think I need a fresh attitude. Someone needs a fresh attitude. I guess I’ll have to be the one to start. What’s that saying? “Be the change you want to see.” So here are my backwards Not Me’s.

  1. I got to go on a date with my husband. This is, sadly, a rare occurrence. And we definitely need more practice.
  2. We go to go for a movie AND dinner. AND paid a babysitter, instead of lugging the kids to and fro. Don’t get me wrong. I LOOOOVE free babysitting, aka grandparents. Sometimes it’s nice not to have to have that extra step though.
  3. I spent some serious calories laughing my butt off reading a website about “cake wrecks.” (Ironically, it’s called It is so hilarious, though you have to be able to enjoy a little off color humor sometimes. I have a corny (and sometimes perverted) sense of humor sometimes. This was right up my alley.
  4. I am looking forward to “having school” with B-Boy (if we can ever get started, that is. We are having snow day delays.)
  5. I got to go to lunch with my mom, just the girls, adults only. We went somewhere I hadn’t been to before, and had a nice enjoyable, quiet meal, complete with a post-lunch lounge on a leather sofa in front of a fireplace, glass of wine in hand. Oo la la.

Hopefully the week to come will be full of sunshine and much less glum ho hum. And I’ll have some funny pics to show, amazing stories to tell. Maybe, just maybe, I'll even put away my Christmas tree. Or not. :D For now, I’ll just be a little quiet. You understand.

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  1. Great not e monday I thought it was very intresting.