Friday, November 25, 2011

Googly Eyed

Someone recently posted on FB an activity she had her daughter do, she may have seen on Pin-terest, and I thought, Yep, we could totally do that.

Cast of characters:
Stack o' magazines
Googly Eyes
Glue Dots, not glue
Cup o' Skizzors

This is easy, goofy fun. Have your kids cut out pictures of people, animals, etc. and use glue dots to affix the googly eyes. (Trust me on the glue dots. So much easier, much less messy. Glue would make the paper gooey. ew.)

The funniest part, I think, is where the kids place the eyes. It's sure to produce a ton of giggles, and even I could manage to accomplish this "craft" for the afternoon. Cheap easy entertainment.

Koko got a lil eye happy with Mr. Giraffe.

The hamburger. It kills me.

I love them. Love them all.
Check out this little vixen. The girls kept calling her LadyGaga.
These were the Dorky-do's.
Mommy takes full responsibility for the man in the middle. 

All in an afternoon of fun. And thanks to the free (and quite mistaken) subscription we have to ESPN magazine, we had loads of pictures to choose from.


  1. That's hilarious! I saw that on FB too, but had forgotten about it. I'll have to pull that one out over Christmas break:)

  2. Hilarious! The eyes on Tiger Woods look like they are real. Good laugh. :)