Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Never Know What You're Going To Get

We are ending our first stretch of the years scout/school fundraisers. THANK GOD it's over. Two kids, selling two different things each. EEK!  Last year Koko's order form got lost. Yeah, that made me crazy sweat. And it was lost right at ordering time, so I had to guess what people ordered. I just have to say, God was totally all over that as I ordered stuff with amazing accuracy, completely blind. Sure I ended up with some extras and some shorts, but for the most part, I was right on. Which is simply amazing.

This year, despite my absolute best intentions to prevent disasters, still proved to have it's own share of complications. sigh. Oh well. I finally got to the point where I decided to fix what I can, write a check for the rest, and .... let     it     go. (mumble grumble $91 later for $30 of popcorn. Ok, I'm done.)

With Girl Scout Nut Sales and Cub Scout Popcorn Sales, we had to hit up lots of people. (I tried not to get anyone twice.) They both did great and hit good goals, so their scout pack/troupe should not be disappointed. Koko definitely showed more confidence this year over last year, and George just knocked my socks off with his eagerness and preparation. He took the initiative to put his scout shirt on without me even telling him to, got his things all ready. I coached him just a bit on what to say and what to do, but for the most part he took off and did it himself. At church, I wasn't even by his side; he did it all by himself. Made me so proud. They both do. But now.. the delivery.

Since daylight savings time is now in effect, I was just not quite as eager to go around in the dark to deliver, so the last few days have been a flurry of "get it done." Last night we finished up the popcorn. Tonight was nuts. (haha. You know, nut delivery night. teehee)

You just never know what you're going to get going in to people's homes.

We knocked on the door of one customer's home. I remembered it was an older, ahem, gentleman's home. When he opened the door, I just about dropped my jaw. I told him we were there to delivery the nuts and how much it was. He closed the door and went off to get the money. It took all my reserve to not die of giggles, but I knew I needed to keep my calm. Little girls do not easily recover from giggle fits. So as we're standing there alone, Koko and I, in his porch, I asked Koko, "Was he naked?" "Yes," she replied, incredulously, and started to giggle a bit. I grabbed the canister of nuts and pushed her behind me. He came back to the door, still sort of tucked behind it so I couldn't really see him, we enchanged nuts for money and then we bolted. Once outside near the car, she busted out laughing. I asked, "so he was naked? Did you see his... weiner?" "NOOOOO!" she replied. "Oh, so was he wearing underwear or something?" "Yeah, but it looked kind of girlish."


Oh. my. word.

And this is why you should always accompany your child on these sort of things. 

You just NEVER know what you're going to get.


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