Monday, December 5, 2011

Nothing important

I don't really have anything important to say, no great story or moving message. Just a bunch of little, dumb thoughts.


I am thinking of making a mini-movie of my baby's feet. Because they're so darned cute, and soon he'll be walking (REALLY SOON) and those cute little feet won't be crawling around my living room anymore. I just love looking at his adorable, curled toes. I'm enamored with how he'll sit on his knees, little toesies sticking out the back. Little round balls of munchkin yumminess.

Arguments with your spouse can be really good for your house. (The bad part about marital spats is when you have to apologize to your spouse for your bad attitude and selfishness. :P) The other night, while I was a pouting brat upset, I put the kids to bed and tackled my "green room." Den? Sitting room? Whatever you call it, it needed some love. Well, my whole house needs love, but I want to put the Christmas tree in there, and I needed to clear a space for it. So while hubby was playing guitar at a neighbors house, I was emptied the room of the smaller furniture, rugs included, dusted, rearranged, and scrubbed the floor on hands and knees with a scrub brush. It has an old wide-planked wood floor that we painted, but it's pointless to wash it with a mop, as evident my the disgusting dirt paths left where rugs didn't cover. Couldn't hardly clean a room and just sorta wash the floor. I was in the midst of this when the Kong walked in at 2AM. He was shocked to 1. find me still awake, and 2. to find me cleaning. I still have a few things that need new homes, to clean off the desktop, and a load for recycling and thrift store, but it looks much improved, a place you'd want to be. The furniture arrangement, and some de-cluttering, helped a lot.

The couch had been under the window, the corner tv stand next to the brown bookshelf.

That couch, while it may be old and the fabric not what you'd choose, is the bomb. It's a Flexsteel, for starters. We got it for $25 at a rummage sale. The fabric is durable and the couch is comfortable. Kong has take many a nap there. All she needs is a couch cover. Yeah... I'll get to that. Eventually. Maybe.

One frustrating part about doing that level of cleaning is that it makes you realize just how badly you need to repaint. Walls and floor. sigh.

This brown bookshelf is NOT the prettiest thing we own. The problem is... it provides some much needed, very functionally important storage, something we seriously lack. By moving the couch to the middle of the room, it created a nicely defined seating area, while still leaving a path to the bathroom (door on the right). By moving the corner tv stand to, ahem, a corner, I was able to actually center the bookshelf on this wall. It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but it made a huge difference in the not-so-ugly-anymore factor. Also, this bookshelf is what you see through the large picture window. A little decluttering (and as I look at this picture I can see already that a storage box has gotten stashed on top of the books. erg.) and yay - eyesore no more.

I wanted to do some kind of Advent activities with the kids. It's December 5th and I haven't started yet. sigh. I have such great intentions and such HORRIBLE implementation. Hello, chore charts and allowances, math facts and reading time? Ugh.

I signed my two preschoolers up for ABCmouse. There was a free month offer so I tried it. It's great. Cheeks loves it. (Boots hasn't had a turn yet.) She has enjoyed the learning games and winning tickets. Just don't set it up without your kid thinking you can go back and set up their avatar. Yeah, that doesn't work. I had to delete each kid and re-add them. Of coarse, you figure that out after sitting  for 20 minutes with a wiggling, impatient child on your lap. But the end result is fun! And learning!

Since I wrote that first thing about the feet, mere minutes ago, Huggyface has taken a step. He takes, usually accidentally, one step, now and then. He also does pretty well at standing on his own, he ever tries to do it, which is so totally cute, and I'm pretty sure yesterday I saw him try to stand up on his own in the middle of the floor.

Cheeks is really into asking why. And... reading the letters off of... well, everything, and asking you what it spells. All these questions could get annoying but I started asking her what she thinks the "why" is, and the letter thing is great because you see her letter knowledge improve and her excitement for early reading.

Ok. School's out and sibling rivalry has begun. Thus ends my blogging. Hopefully I can feed and divide to diffuse further argument.


  1. Wow!!! Kelly you did a BEAUTIFUL job on this room!!! When can you come and help me redecorate and clean my house?!?! :) Send me a quick email...

  2. I love that you reorganized the room. Looks nice!
    I also love that you can comment about your marriage irritations without sounding like a hag or like a martyr. No married person is perfect or never goes through rough patches. We're people and it's always complicated.

  3. @JenMarie
    "We're people and it's always complicated."

    AMEN! And if anyone wants to say they don't have quarrels, or that they are never wrong, well, then we just simply can't be friends. lol (Not that I "like" admitting I'm wrong. Oh no. Hence the bratty attitude. :D And my hubby was just as shocked the next day when *I* apologized. Gotta keep 'em on their toes. giggle.)