Saturday, July 23, 2011


Since I'm posting things late, I might as well throw this in there.

Koko has been begging me to get her hair cut short. Since her birthday in February, I think. "All my friends are doing it." Oh Lord. We're starting that already?

Easter. It had been curled, but this shows about how long it was.

Kong and the Mrs. are long haired people. We like long hair. The girls have beautiful hair. It's a PAIN in the BUTT to brush. Kong tried to convince Koko that she should keep it long and beautiful. It didn't really work.

Miss Cheeks was getting a little shaggy now. 
Also, her most chopped of the chopped bangs had fully grown out.

When Cheeks gave herself her own hairdo last fall, I said "Chop it all off!" Ok, she actually said did it. I just said, "Finish the job right," and "Help me, Rhonda." So my savior friend came and did damage control. Bless her! And she did chop it all off. It was great. Looked super cute on her, suited her face and personality, and the best part: No more tears. Just like the shampoo, only with brushing. I vowed to continue on this path to greatness of shortness with Cheeks. I just didn't see it for Koko.

But then....

Summer came, I was tired of the tears, and thought fine. Let's do it.

So we did. Or rather, Andrea and ??someothergirl did.

 I love love love how Koko's is shorter in back. I asked for that and love how it suits her. Next time I might ask for more layers or something for Cheeks. They're both so adorable, if I do say so myself.

Ta da! Aren't they gorgeous? We'll be keeping these hairstyles for a while.


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