Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sweet 4th and 16th

We missed you today. We did the things you'd want to do - celebrate the 4th in true Fourth of July fashion. George even remembered about Z99 signs and made one for everyone. (10 points if you can point out his "dyslexic" one. teehee)

We sweat our buns off this year. The temp wasn't bad but it was humid so that makes it seem so much hotter. We enjoyed the shade of Auntie Naynay's FIL's house for the last half of the parade, but it was packed there. The afternoon was relaxed, with lunch at Pizza Ranch with Grandma, Irene and Coco, and then a cool down in the pool, while we waited out the day's final festivity. (and for the life of me I can't get the pics off my damned phone. maybe later.)

We even went to the fireworks in town. Boots is so scared of them (and the loud noise) that there was no way we'd be able to do the small town ones like last year. We sat on the courthouse lawn (they shoot them over the river now) and had a great view with less noise, but the skeeters were still giving us a workout. Fireworks sucked, though. Lasted a very lame 15 minutes. Seriously, we were in the car by 10:18. (That's why the other town is better. I found that out when I would drive home from mkts display, more than once, and be watching said small towns still-going fireworks from 10 miles away.) We still had fun, though. 15 minutes of fireworks is more than we have most other days.

Now we're home (well, your dad's at work), everyone's sawing logs, covered in bug spray and sucker stickiness. 

But I feel that missing thing. 

Happy Sweet Sixteen, my dear. 
I hope it was the best ever. 

For what it's worth, we, all of us, your dad, me, the kids, we ALL love you and miss you. 

He misses you, but he's not fighting your rejection anymore having trouble getting through. Anytime YOU want to call US (your dad), to make a connection, let us know where you are... well, that'd be nice. Because he's tried, many many times. And you must not want to be found you're hard to reach.  Regardless, we're still here and we still love you. Nothing could ever change that. I repeat. Nothing could ever change that and don't ever believe otherwise.


  1. Fighting my rejection? Wow. Coming from the people that didn't even tell me that Lucas was born. I had to find out through your blog, and even after no one said anything. You have my email address, don't even say that you don't. It's really crappy of you that you would bring everything out like this in public, when it's just as easy to email me. I'm not the bad guy. I didn't stop talking to you. All of a sudden you both stopped calling and emailing right in the middle of all of my medical problems. YOU stopped calling ME. YOU stopped emailing ME. I shouldn't have to keep fighting to talk to you, YOU are suppose to be the adults. If you REALLY wanted to keep contact with me you would. I'm not hiding from you. I'm right friggen here. You have my email. Dad has my mom's phone number. He had only called for Christmas, and then yesterday for my birthday. So I don't know where all this 'tried so many times' crap came from. No emails. No calls. No nothing. So stop trying to make ME the bad guy on your blog when I am not. YOU GUYS are the ones that cut ties. If your going to be like this then I don't know if I want to have any contact with you guys anymore, since instead of emailing me like anyone else would, you decide to drag it out in public, for everyone to read. That's crappy and you know it.

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  3. We love you and we miss you. I don't want to argue with you. But even if it's yelling, I'm glad the silence is ended. You told me not to email you. I was respecting your wishes. Text him your ph#?

  4. Oh what happened to that last comment? You didn't want everyone else to see that you yelled back? I bet you remembered that this blog is public and EVERYONE can read it. But it's okay, I saw what you said before you deleted it. How lovely. When did I ever say that I didn't want you to email me? I don't think I ever said that... You love me so much that you would try and embarrass me on a public blog? You miss me so much that you didn't even ask for me to come visit over spring break or summer, or you don't email me, or call me? You love me so much that you didn't even tell me when Lucas was born, or send me a get well card after all of my spinal taps and CTs? Funny way of expressing "love" if you ask me... If your going to drag this out onto a public blog where all your friends and family can read it, at least admit your shortcomings too. If we're going to air dirty laundry why don't we bring up the fact that you accused me of lying, and stealing? Which was so untrue it's ridiculous! Or the fact that you complained about having to clean my room while I was visiting Amanda? I never asked you to do it, you did it yourself. If you didn't want to do it in the first place don't do it and then complain about it. Don't try to flip everything over on me. I'll be the first to admit I'm not perfect, but I am NOT a liar and and a thief. I did everything that I could while I was up there to help you out because I know you get overwhelmed a lot. And what do I get in return? Accusations and then blog posts about how 'lazy' I am and how I'm 'avoiding' my own father. Since he didn't know anything about these blog posts why don't you just leave this between me and him. Because while you are his wife, I am not your daughter, so you don't have to feel obligated to try and bring up our issues on this blog. It's unnecessary. If my dad has something he wants to talk to me about he knows how to contact me.

    Oh. And I've yet to receive an email from you about this. Way to keep it public Kelly.

  5. oh, and crossing out what you said and trying to re-word it doesn't help anything.