Sunday, October 24, 2010

I don't even know what to call this post except "I want to cry"

We have been growing her hair out for a long, l o n g , VERY long time. I thought I posted about her cutting her hair, but was unable to find such a post. I did find this one that was written, what, in March 09 I think. If you scroll down in that post you will see pics of Cheeks and a rather nasty hair-do, particularly in the bangs area. And please notice I said March of 2009. Not 2010. We have had so very many episodes of hair cutting here that I have totally lost track of when they happen. Hers have always been a doozy, and to be fair, she may not have been the initiator of the last one. But, again, we have been growing out these lovely mistakes for months. Many many months. Now, it's straggly, the odd bits have grown out some, her bangs are in her eyes. It's time. Past time. It's been on the docket to get her into a salon, not just a mommy chop job, even, and get her be-a-U-ti-fied. I just haven't had the opportunity yet (and now, I'm waiting for payday).

Tonight the kids were watching a movie, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, while I made supper, then I called them in to eat. And after that we all sat down to finish the movie, when it dawned on Kong, that some inspiration may have come from this movie.

While we were eating, Miss Cheeks got up from the table because she was done, and went to the bathroom. Later, she came into the kitchen, and I have since forgotten what she said, but it clued us into the fact that she had CUT HER HAIR... again. Well, what she was saying and the long strands on hair hanging oddly from her head and the HUGE GAPING HOLE around her forehead where hair once shaggily covered.

At this point, what do you do? I was so mad. So devastated. So frustrated. Sad and mad. And I wanted to ring her little neck and cry at the same time. How long, oh how loooonnnggg I have suffered the absolute mess and disaster that is her hair, patiently waiting for the day when all could be rectified and she could finally have a nice haircut, something cute, that doesn't make her look like some kind of street urchin or negelected child.

Seriously? The only fix that will even it up would be a buzz cut. Yes, it's THAT SHORT in the front. See?

See how there's a raggedly line, and then just above that there's a kind of bald spot or more skin showing? Yeah, that's a 2-level cut. The pic doesn't really do it justice in showing the damage.

And just to give you and idea of the quantity of hair we're talking about here, because there are pieces cut from the sides and even the back, here's some of the hair. This is what Kong found in the bathroom.

And these long strands laying on the floor, those are similar to what was hanging off the back of her head, as well as trailed through the 3 rooms she walked through to get to the kitchen to show us her lovely new do.

Wouldn't you cry? It took all the strength I could muster, and THEN SOME, to not scream and shout and spank and tell her it looked ugly. Because it does. I'm so tired of her having this *(&(dkf$%*^ldkf!#%jsld hairdo. I just want her to be cute. And with a nice NORMAL hairdo.

We think she may have gotten some inspiration from Natalie Portman's very short, pixie-ish hair in the movie. And while that may be what we come to, Natalie Portman doesn't have very round chubby cheeks, unlike my Miss Cheeks, and I don't imagine it will bear the same level of cuteness on my girl.


Sigh some more.

My friend says I should laugh. Maybe 10 yrs from now. Right now I'm just working on not crying. Or taking a buzzer to her head.

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  1. Oh my. Maya did that once when she was three. She had really long hair; about half way down her back. She did a chop job on her bangs and took a chunk off the back. Thankfully she has pretty forgiving hair. I took her in and she ended up with a cut that looked pretty cute once the bangs grew for a few weeks. But I know that feeling of utter devastation. Boo.