Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crash Bang Boom

The sound of cars, blocks, buckets-o-stuff.

It's a boy thing. Boots loves to dump. I think it's just for the sound.

Or maybe the satisfaction of making a mess that mommy just cleaned. (another of his favorite activities, undoing that which I just did). Which drives me crazy. Which is why the title "Mrs. Bananas" is appropriate for me. That, and I'm the mom of many monkeys. And that I will have birthed 5 of them, all within 7 yrs. (But hey, living next to a family of 10, with some other neighbors who will have 11, and countless other large families I know, I feel pretty normal. As normal as I can, at least.)

But I digress.

Maybe it's just the concept of dumping. Cause and effect?

That leads to this...

Please note that this is a scrap of carpet that is covering mere plywood underlayment. I would NEVER let my carpet get that disgusting normally. Besides being the entry to our back door, it's where the kids do crafty stuff like painting and playdough and coloring my door with waterproof mascara, and, apparently, dump out cereal. I would shampoo it but the plywood... yeah, no. So just don't look. 

I mean, in this case, it wasn't the loud crash bang boom. Clearly. I suppose Cheery O's do make a nice sort of whooshing sound when an entire box is dumped on the floor.

I was alerted to the fact that this event had taken place not by any crash bang boom or whoosh, not by a child shouting out "Mooooooom. Boots dumped out the cereal." I didn't walk into the kitchen area and feel the crunch under my feet. Oh No. My two youngest tots kept merely running back and forth, from addition to den, checking on me, and trailing that stuff throughout the entire main floor. It was the crunch-crunch under their feet that hadn't been there before in the room I was in, that made me look up and wonder, what's that sound?

So I followed the trail. And brought "you" with me.

The song in the background is JJ Heller's Your Hands. Awesome song.

 And yes, I know that the wood flooring needs a coat of paint. Desperately. But since it's in the room that leads to our ONLY bathroom, it's kind of hard to cordon off that room for a week to let the paint properly dry. Nevermind finding the time with 4 young children.

My house needs much repair. But you should have seen it before. Uffda.

I guess I should be less upset when it's the tub of blocks or potato head pieces that he's dumped. Much easier to clean.

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  1. Oh those make terrible messes. I understand about the house upkeep. We had torn down paneling in our living room and was stuck with this tar/glue like mess all over the walls.. Last halloween, every time I opened the door the kids either yelled "What happened to your house!" or "Wow.. your house is really messy!" Sigh. Thankfully it is finally painted.