Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There's a milk chocolate Symphony bar in the fridge. And I can't stop thinking about it. Or the pan of freshly made brownies sitting on the stove.

Oh, no, it's happening. That pregnancy hunger thing!

Actually, my OB would probably be a little happy, as long as it wasn't candy and brownies I was eating. Chocolate yogurt, maybe? :D

I'm 24 weeks. Well, like, in an hour, officially. As official as unofficial due dates get, anyway.

I still like reading the pregnancy books, even though this is my fifth child. Helps you know what baby's doing in there. But, I laugh. Each week it tells you what your weight gain should be. Last week it said 12-15 lbs. HA! No way, jack!

See, when I got prego, I knew I needed to watch what I eat due to past Gestational Diabetes risk. And vainly, I also wanted to lose a bit of weight before my first ob appt. (I'm plenty overweight, so I have enough to spare. No need to get any undies in bundles. Srsly.) I had gained a bunch of weight after having Boots, with all the stress from nursing probs I had, and some more after last summer's "unpleasant experience" and I wanted to lose a little. Nothing drastic. So I started South Beach Diet, cuz that's my favorite, but wasn't crazy rigid about it, and lost about 12-13 lbs. in about 8 weeks. Not bad for being pregnant. Then it stalled, but I'm not gaining either. Now I'm just eating healthy, and I've actually mostly just cut down the amount I eat -  so now I'm eating more normal person portions instead of GINORMOUS portions - and I have only gained 2 lbs. So 12-15 lbs? HAHAHAHAHA. But then, last week with the illness-that-never-ends I may have lost those 2 lbs... plus 2 more. Which is strange cuz I ate like a pig for a couple meals in there somewhere so how I could lose 4 is beyond me. (Secretly I'm thinking, wouldn't it totally rock to go home from the hospital like 25 lbs lighter than when I started?!?!?! But shhhh... I didn't really say that. ahem.) (Oh, and because I have to watch what I eat and don't usually gain more than 20 lbs anyway, and I have always gone home weighing the same or a lb or two less ayway, so I'm not thinking totally crazy, here. Sheesh!)

So can I justify 5 brownies in one night?

Uh, yeah, probably not.

I was feeling baby move, earlier. I love that. This kid moves differently than my others, though. The movements are bigger and more sudden, but fewer. So sometimes I won't feel him all day, or maybe just a little. Other days, it's more. And it took FOREVER for me to start feeling him move at all. Which freaked me out til I had my ultrasound. It was probably about 22 weeks when I really did start feeling it. I had even wondered if the nerves in my uterus were fried. As in, not working. Like I was dead from the waist down. Because why wasn't I feeling my baby? But he is in there, squirming. Well, and now he's clearly in there as evidenced by my dwindling number of pants that fit. And that my kids keep mentioning how big my belly is getting. (It's not that big.)

hmmmm.... ? *looks around* Maybe if I eat some chocolate he'll move for me.

Uh, pardon me. Gotta go. ;-) Later!


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