Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girl Talk

I wish I could capture all the chatter that goes on (aside from wanting it to disappear altogether since it usually comes at the most inoportune times. Like, before you've had your morning coffee.) because really, it's amazing how children can think of the funniest things. They have an amazing ability to jump from one topic to the next, like there's a waiting list in their mind of all the things they want to cover. And let's not forget the bazillion questions.

Here's something Koko said to me the other day, as she was walking by.

K: Mom, we were pretending we were getting married, walking around town and having coffee and stuff, only we were just drinking water and pretending.

Me: Oh, so you were getting married by drinking coffee?

K: NOOOO! Not just THAATT! We were shopping and stuff!

Because that's how you define marriage? Shopping and coffee? Funny. Especially considering that my husband and I rarely go shopping together, and we NEVER drink coffee together. In fact, my hubs hasn't drank coffee in my presence in a few years. At least. Oh, and the "walking around town" is even more laughable, as he doesn't walk. Refuses. Not even the ONE BLOCK to his buddy's house. Nope. He drives.

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  1. HA! This made me laugh this morning...thank you for starting my day out with a smile...If only we all could see the world through our children's eyes - a more simple happy place we would all live in!