Monday, March 9, 2009

31 minutes and a protrusion

What? 10 Followers? When did I get ten followers? uh, and my last post was... when? Feb 9th? And today is March 9th? Boy, am I ever letting my faithful fans down or what! Jeepers. Somebody light a fire under my booty! Ok... 31 mins left. Think I can whip something up? Lemme see.... hmmm...

I do have lots of birthday posting to do, but I want to do it all in succession so I'll save that for another day when I have more than 29 remaining minutes.

Ahhhh... speaking of booty, here's my lovely daughter with her own sillyness, ahem, extending from her. Here, Miss KJ shows us how bootyliscious she is.

O boy, o boy. Fun one, this one. And it's only going to get more "fun." Daddy, where's that shotgun?
And speaking of fun, several weeks ago my friend, who's getting ready to move (closer, yippee!) was beginning to clean out some closets and storage spaces, and came upon some things she thought my children might like. So she sent it to us. It was a surprise box full of stickers and tattoos and foamy stickers, ribbon, streamers, envelopes, and some of those puffball things. We had great fun stickering every surface while mommy frantically tried to remind everyone "on the paper only." We also used many of these things to make Valentines cards for my aunt (who loved them, albeit late) and my mom (who sadly never received hers). And there will be may more lovely moments of creativity for the things of the box... Such as this. God help me now.

Do you SEE that? Those little "puff balls" protruding? (And yes, this is a recent pic despite the summer attire. The girls have found a new activity: making mommy really crazy by getting into, dragging out, making a royal mess, and undoing all her hours of work, by playing with clothes that were in storage. sigh. Why do I even try.) This (the puffballs) just gives me a glimpse in to the future, the joys and challenges of raising a beautiful, sweet daughter who loves to be beautiful. And just how big a stick daddy's gonna need to fight off all those boys.

I'll try not to be gone so long. Though, if you would, you could always say a prayer for me and the slump I've been in.
See you soon!
p.s., I made it! 11:59!

Post note: I know it doesn't look like it takes that long to write this stuff, but it does.

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  1. Oh my goodness, the puff balls are hilarious! I hear ya on the blogging drought. I've not updated in quite awhile, either. I really should though. I like having the record for myself.