Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to Mondays

Wow has it been a long time since I last wrote. Ok, only 2 weeks, I guess, but it seems like forever! So much, and yet amazingly so little, can happen in 2 weeks.

My baby girl turned 2.

My baby boy hit the 6 month mark, started saying ga-ga-ga, and started cereal... that is, when I can remember. Oh, and he can totally hold his own bottle now.

I started "homeschooling" and then my boy changed his mind. (sigh of relief)

We've had our share of illness here. Just minor fevers and colds and stuff, mostly. I've actually been the one to be sick the most this winter, which is fine by me. Hand Foot Mouth was THE WORST. My poor little Cheeky girl got it pretty bad in her mouth, which meant she couldn't eat or drink unless in pain, didn't want to swallow, and couldn't suck her fingers for comfort. Poor kid. So she had a hard time sleeping, waking every two hours, and only wanted to sleep in my arms, in my bed. Which consequently meant I didn't sleep much. This, of coarse, led to me getting sick. It was a strange little bug I had. I actually felt depressed. But I think the winter blahs were also getting to me. So starting off with a bad date night, then lots of sickness, no sleep, no sunshine and being cooped up in the house,... well, let's just say I'm glad that's over!

My older two have managed to amuze themselves, while driving me a little crazy, and I've gotten some GOOD pics. Ones that could be used for blackmail later in life. hahahahahahaha! she says with an evil little grin. I'll save those for another post. Plus, I don't feel like fetching my camera so I can download them. HEY, It's SUNDAY. Day of rest, right???

I did get my new camera, but have not really experimented much with it yet. Am waiting for the manual to arrive, and have only started to watch whatever YouTube vids I could find. Spring will change my enthusiasm, I'm sure.

So, uh, Not Me Monday! Can you believe I have totally missed it 2 weeks in a row. And by missed it, I mean I didn't even think about it til late at night or even Tuesday! gasp! Seriously, that should certainly be an indicator of how much of a funk I was in.

I'm not sure if I could even come up with anything that great this week.

I'll try.

Feel free to join MckMama's great craze, where one can share their shameful imperfections, in a truely cleansing way. I dare ya!
  1. I did not make my baby totally laugh during church today, while the entire congregation was deep in prayer, and c o m p l e t e l y silent. There were not people (as in more than one) in the front row, that turned around to see where that absolutely adorable little laugh was coming from. I did not tickle him again just because it was funny.
  2. I did not go out during announcements of this same service and snag 3 of these really cute cookies for my kids for later. The last thing my children need is another cookie, especially before lunch. I would not totally sabbotage lunch like that.
  3. I did not call my mother-in-law "crazy" this week on the phone (to her), and have most certainly have not had conversationS about if Grandma is still crazy, with my darling daughter. This did not happen today even (Sunday as I write this), totally out of the blue. I do not think this is funny. That would be inappropriate. Also, my MIL is not crazy.
  4. I did not get so irritated at that stupid TMZ show and a comment made on there by some dumb clueless female, that I actually contemplated writing them about it. For starters, I never watch that show. And who would actually bother with such trash or actually care what they said. (But, they were getting mad at Seal for telling his wife, Heidi Klum, rather brusquely, to "get in the car, just get in the car", saying he was being an a**. But ya know what, if someone asked MY wife (if I were a man that is) "How do you say MILF in German," well, I'd be po'ed too. They should be happy he didn't say that to my hubby, cuz they'd be l a a a y e d O U T!)

Ok. Well, I'm struggling to come up with more. Seriously, that's pathetic. Or boring. Or it's way past my bedtime. Yeah, probably that.

Over and out.


  1. Great, now I feel dumb because I can't figure out what MILF means. Too funny about your MIL. I can totally hear you calling her crazy!