Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday it is.

It's time to get back to my normal self. This may or may not include regular or not Monday postings of my madness, that which surrounds me and makes me crazy like Jack Nicholson. Those times when no one in their RIGHT mind would ever admit to anything of the sort that gets posted here, and certainly not publicly, as in, to the whole world or those who actually stop here and choose to read my blather.

Please feel free to check out MckMama's mutterings about the tales with her 4 children, and all the other linky's.

*We have NOT had a week of haircutting adventures. We did not start off with KJ playing beautician while her sister sat on the throne.
*I did NOT take an entire week before I cleaned up the mess, because, frankly, you couldn't see it after the main chunks were picked up.
*I don't like the word "ugly" but my daughter KJ has discovered this new vocabulary word. Since we were not talking about her, I did NOT decide that it would be okay to use this word while describing what the result of home haircuts is.
*I was NOT correct in my assumption that it would make a statement, and am NOT desperately hoping that this puts an end to the hair-cutting business in my home.

I did NOT have another opportunity to pull out my own hair yesterday when I discovered that Cheeks did NOT find my hair-cutting scissors, some 6 months lost, and did NOT take the opportunity to cut her own hair, further worsening previous damage. I did NOT (in hindsight) consider the fact that she also needed to have been in on some strict lesson learning. My options with her are NOT either a pixie or buzz cut, and I am NOT fearful that if I did that, she would just cut her hair even shorter. (Shorter than a pixie cut? Yes, bad imagery.) So, I did NOT decide that she'll just have to live with this whack job of a haircut and let it just grow out, as she's only two, afterall.

I did NOT have the opportunity to clean poop somehow dribbled down my son's leg by his little sister. I did NOT just have to laugh at the whole situation. The rug is NOT still there covering up anything I may have missed. I did NOT discover the affected jeans last night, still in the laundry basket.

I did NOT cancel a playdate at my house today because of being sick, with the biggest deal cincher being that I don't want to clean up this. (see right)

(Just keepin' it real, folks. Shamefully real.) I would be more concerned about the health of others than what impression I may or may not make by having a semi messy house.

The above pic of Cheeks new do does NOT also tell the tale of other mischief she has gotten into. This morning. In 5 minutes. (the mascara, the mysterious blue substance ??toothpaste?? above her lips). I do NOT feel like I am in a race to catch her and keep her from further naughtiness, more than half the day. I do NOT know that her baby brother is an up-and-comer in this mischief business, and have NOT already come to the conclusion that he, and his mischief, may be the death of me. I do NOT love him more than anything, and am NOT totally enjoying his sweetness while it lasts, knowing the day will come when I want to hang him from a tree by his toes. How could you NOT love this:

Happy Monday.


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