Thursday, March 29, 2012

A day in the life...

... Or 4 minutes, rather... of a 16 month old busy boy.

I always think, man, I need to record these normal moments in time, so that I can remember what they were like, and so that one day, when my kids are older, parents themselves perhaps, that they can see what they were like. The way they walked, the way they talked, that cute little lisp, the poop stance, the temper tantrum. It's fun to look back on those things. So I did. 

So here's my busy, chatterbox, cutie pie. This was also the day he learned to say "side". As in, outside. A place he would like to be. Fortunately for him, we're having the most abnormal winter/spring on record, having had a mere 19 inches of snow (vs. last years 86) and more than our share of 70 degree plus days of glorious sunshine. In March. 80 degrees in March in Minnesota. So Nookie, aka Huggyface, has gotten a taste of glory, er, "side" and brother wants more.

I love this kid. Thanks for wasting that last 4 minutes of your life to watch my baby.

**Darned thing wasn't working. I uploaded it to youtube but holy cow it took over 74 minutes. Sheesh!


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