Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beauty is in the eye of...

Little girls and makeup. sigh.

What's the allure? That mommy does it? Every little girl can't wait until she can wear makeup. Mine not to be excluded.

I know it's supposed to be "beautiful"... but to me this just looks scary. LOL

1 comment:

  1. oh yes, my girls LOVE some make-up. My 11 y/o even mentioned some of her friends are shaving their legs already! I looked at her skinny little bruised up legs and thought...whaaat?? Not yet please!

    Thanks for the comment about my camera issue. I found out today that my camera is too old and there are no drivers to support it on the newer Windows. I do have a card reader slot on the computer (which I didn't even notice until I read your comment) but my card is too big for it! Figures. I've been told that an external card reader will be my best/cheapest bet at this point, b/c I don't really need a new camera.