Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poor baby

My sad little boy found a blankie on the floor and got comfy. Poor baby.

When I was a small child  I remember being sick and laying in bed or on a couch and wiggling my foot. A sort of pent up energy, I suppose. I didn't want to move otherwise, but that foot just needed to wiggle. (No, I did not have ADHD even remotely.) When you're a kid, and sick for a few days, there's still energy to burn, I guess. 

My wittle Wookie is not feeling well. Fever and cough and just wants to be held by mama. I happily oblige. It's kind of nice, all the cuddling and being needed for comfort that mama gives best. But since he's normally a boy on the go these days, he must still have that energy to burn. He's been a little chatterbox, as I held him today, and he worked out his energy by kicking my leg. I just smiled. 

He was totally out until I took this picture. Darned flash!


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