Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I know kids say the darnedest things. Everyone's got their own stories of funny / endearing / embarrassing things their kids have said. But what won't kids ask? I'm sure some neighbor kids must think I fell off a turnip truck recently as they send my youngers home asking for some of the darnedest things. Certainly kids ask for things that they don't understand the value of. Ever had your kid ask you for a laptop? a gaming system? a cell phone? Or every doggone thing they see in Walmart from sugar cereal to new bikes to the crap they sell in the checkout? Yeah, me neither. *cough* Those are kind of expected, though. But lately, I've had some pretty interesting requests.

Mom, can I have a bucket of water to take to the park? (Uh, it's 45 degrees outside and you want to make mud (my arch enemy) so no, probably not.)

Mom, can I have a shovel? (With which you can chop off a toe, whack someone in the head requiring stitches or dig a hole in my preciously tended and failing grass? Sorry. Not today.)

This one... this was the doosy.

Dad, can I have your saw?



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