Monday, November 8, 2010


I've been nesting like crazy. I've never really done much of that in previous pregnancies, so it's weird. Maybe? with George, but we were so deep in home renovation projects, just to make our house habitable enough to bring an infant home to, and hubby was as much or more on that band wagon as I was. (Consequently, my water broke 3 weeks early, after a weekend spent on hands and knees rolling out the new flooring in the kitchen. And no, he was still not in the right position, and came - or tried to - sunnyside up. OUCH!) This time round it's me dragging him along. I wish men understood nesting. But he's working hard (at his job) and so has not been as gung ho about working more when he comes home. I get that. But....

Needless to say, I've got a list a mile long. Much like the list of Summer 2010.

I was like a crazy woman on Saturday. I mean, I washed my front door with a toothbrush, people!!! And cleaned the fridge, did some laundry, washed some windows, did dishes, cleaned the stovetop, sweeping, vacuuming (the kind where you get out the hose and do all the nooks and crannies), etc. Yesterday, after church and groceries, I raked leaves. Then I was tired.

Projects I've currently got in the works: painting a dresser, storing/organizing kids clothes, painting the stairwell/hallway, and doing something to the entry to deal with winter gear.

Today, I'm working some more on painting a dresser (for me) but have met a snag. So I decided to write down / organize / prioritize a "to-do" list. That way Kong can look on there for his possible contributions, or when he asks me I can whip it out and send him on his way. I also like to put things on the list that we / he may have already done. It feels good to have stuff marked off the list, get those accomplishments noted somewhere.

So in conversation about the entry, I may have just accidentally hijacked my hubby's hunting plans and got him to volunteer to build a half wall and put down flooring. Hm. Volunteered, that is, once he found out I was considering spending $90 on temporary floor mats to cover the plywood flooring that's in there currently, which is not much less than flooring would probably cost. So... :D

Hope that works out.

Otherwise, some deer meat would be good too.

Now I gotta run. I have kids to pick up and leaves to rake. (And I had BETTER have gained at least one more centimeter by my next OB appointment after all this.)


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