Friday, November 19, 2010

Tick tock

I have no time to waste, and I'm like a whirling (albeit fat and waddling) dervish trying to get stuff done. (Man, if only I had this much energy when I wasn't prego and ready to pop!) No time to blog, and really, I shouldn't even take time for FB but I'm an addict, plus, a girl's gotta sit sometime. My "to-do" list is getting tackled quite nicely and that leaves me with that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. It probably helps, though, that every time I do something not of the norm, I add it to the list just so I can cross it off.

Maybe I'll post a pic of it later.

I think I have everything set for baby to come home from the hospital, at least. Or close. Car seat cover and going home outfit are purchased. Bassinet has been dug out. Diapers are ready and waiting. I found some suitable pajamas in my drawer, though no luck on a nursing gown. Ooh... fun!... I found the nursing cover (Maria) I had gotten for free + shipping a while back when I figured it would just be a good baby gift, AND I ordered a kangaroo sling (Autumn Blaze) with the same kind of deal online this week. SO EXCITED to have new baby-mama toys.

The Kong will be doing local work after tonight so he can be closer to home in case I need him, and hopefully he'll be able to knock off some more stuff in terms of getting the entry closer to done. I don't think it'll have painted walls AND installed flooring, but ya never know. It would be glorious if we could get some coat hook system up before then too, but that's reeeaaally dreaming big. That's the whole goal of this project, though; to have actual flooring and some place where the kids can hang their own coats, and I don't have to be the one doing that for 6 people. When you live in Minnesota, there's just way too much outerwear to deal with and have strewn all over the place. So I'm really excited to have this project underway.

We have a mouse. He likes butter. It's gross.

Nothing like little footprints in your butter when you go to make toast in the morning.


Gotta set a trap tonight. Blech. We've only had one before, and that was this summer. Now it seems as though another one has gotten in, and we're at a loss for where they might be coming in at (we've got a nice high basement and have never had a prob in the 7+ yrs we've lived here). My best guess is the dilapidated side door that needs to be removed altogether. But... I'm fixin' to spray foam the door shut (to help keep out the cold air) and then plastic it (yeah, sounds so "trailer") so hopefully that will keep any further furry friends from seeking warm shelter in my house. Knock on wood.

Man... I'm just so excited. I don't suppose you can tell. Filled with anticipation. I can't wait to meet my newest babe, and I think Kong is really getting excited too. He loves babies. Now, if I could only get him to agree on the name I want, we'd be set. Though, he's sort of coming around on that, though, since I: 1. have been stressed out really bad lately 2. am about to give birth, and 3. I "let" him get a new pickup this week. AND he got to pimp it out a little (chrome door handles, a topper, and duel exhaust. Boys. *shakes head*). Already we've gotten the flooring that was my first choice, and he did a little more work on the entry first before going and doing what he wanted to do - at my "gentle urging." lol He may have mentioned something about letting me choose the name I wanted since he was tired of talking about it. We'll see if that sticks. And actually, it's the name that George suggested. I really think it's the one. I hope so.

OK OK. really.... gotta go.

:D :D :D :D


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