Monday, November 22, 2010

Because I know you're dying to know...

Here's a few updates on what's been going on in this zoo over here...

My LIST. And to include in it, I have done just about every stitch of laundry in the house (even washed some dress-up clothes today), done some mending, gone shopping for last minute baby items, cleaned out some closets, and normal housekeeping stuff, like today when I cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, stove, swept (under the fridge even, which is where I found the missing mp3 player!!) and mopped the kitchen and bathroom, picked up and vacuumed the living room, not to exclude vacuuming under the couch cushions and under the couch - things I don't always do. I know this is all fabulously fascinating, but it's a true testament for myself if nothing else that I'm nesting like crazy, which, as I said before, I've never done in previous pregnancies. And let me tell ya, it's truly miraculous that I've done all this. It's soooo not like me. Trust me.

The Entry. My project of choice, in the push to get things done before baby. Kong has been a rock star in working is fingers to the bone, both at his job and here, and made like a bandit on Sunday getting the sheetrock mudding done, sanded and primed, and the flooring installed with the heat duct slots cut out. It still needs the ceiling and walls painted, and the light fixture installed, but here's the progress so far.

Looking towards the far corner, door and window to the left.

Rug is a 4x6 industrial floor mat from Lowe's. SO happy about that. 
From the far side of the living room, looking at the entry.
 It's very weird that the stop sign showed up so clearly.

Our (or at least MY, haha) plans (for hubby to do) are to trim out the door, window, baseboards and around the entire divider/half wall in oak, I think (as we can afford it, some time after Christmas), and build some sort of system to house all the backpacks, boots, mittens and jackets that flood our home from November to April. Cubbies, hooks, lockers... I don't know. Just so it's easy for the kids and out of my way.

And because I realized I don't think I've updated on this guy in a while...

Squirt. Here are some recent pics of our beloved Western Painted turtle (since I just cleaned his tank). He has grown quite a bit in the year and a half since we got him, though I don't think he's grown much over the last 4-5 months. And he's not really eating right now. Not sure if it's a water temp problem (too cold and they sort of shut down) or seasonal or he's just not liking his food. Maybe a protest of all the crap that was floating in his tank? Sorry Squirt. I'm a bad bad turtle-mama. I'll buy you some crickets as a reward.

If you may remember from this post, he was about as big as a quarter when we got him.

Giving the camera some attention. He posed for a long time. He likes me. Probably because I feed him.

Showing off his plastron (underside).

And that's all I have for today. I think I'm going to power walk my living room in an effort to move myself into labor. I have accomplished enough that I feel ready to go. All that was needed has been done and taken care of, and in my opinion, it's time for baby to come out. COME ON, BABY!!! (who I think has a name. :D)

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  1. You went from the entry to the turtle. I find this weird and fascinating. I do love you. I probably should reiterate this at this point.

    :) Go have a baby you prolific woman!