Monday, September 20, 2010

Long story... long.

Well, not that long.

But how else would *I* tell a story.

So I've been having lots of contractions since mid-day Friday. Mild, but they seem essentially continuous. And since I'm only 29 weeks, and I've never experienced this before on any of my previous four pregnancies, that's been worrisome for me.

Today I had my regularly scheduled appt. As expected, my OB checked me and hooked me up to monitor the contractions, baby's heartbeat etc.

If there are any boys/men reading, this is the point at which you can probably just come back later when there's real news to hear. Now, girls, on to the gory details...

So my cervix checked out completely closed and ?long. (I'm assuming that means thick or not effaced.) It was, in fact, "longer" than she expected considering how many pregnancies I've had. So that's good.

She also did an fFN which came back negative. (A test to check if preterm labor is possible or likely within the next 2 weeks. Neg means 97% no, Pos means - it's possible but not for sure.) Also neg on bladder infection/UTI kind of thing.

The monitor showed that I definitely am having contractions. Though they are mild, they are basically constant, rolling up and down frequently (which makes the online info of "more than 4 per hour" a joke for me). And boy, do they make this baby MOVE! He's surely protesting, and I don't blame him. The funny thing on the contractions is, when I was last monitored (with ?Cheeks?, maybe around the 35-36 week mark) my contractions registered around 30 or 40 at least, and I didn't even know I was having them. The nurse pointed it out to me, oh you're having one right now. And I was like, really? Now, they are registering at around 15 and I can definitely tell I'm having them, as they are uncomfortable. Not debilitating, just uncomfortable. And low.

So, I guess the verdict is... nothing, other than I'm having contractions. (Nooo.. really!?!?) Call her if something changes. And try harder to test my sugars. Which I'm not worried about anyway. I think I need to buy a timer that will clip onto my shirt. I just can't remember to check, or recheck, them at the correct time, and it's pointless to do if it's not at the correct time. blah. So boring and tedious, that part. Surprisingly, she never said to stay off my feet. But don't tell my husband that. I'm gonna work that aspect of this whole thing as much as I can. hehe

Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


  1. Oh, but I DID find a rather controversial and unorthodox way to get my contractions to stop, albeit temporarily. An old midwives trick, apparently. And No, it didn't have anything to do with sex or my vajayjay. Contrary to to first half of my pregnancy, that's the LAST thing on my mind these days. (Sorry, babe, it's the truth. And it has nothing to do with you. It's ALL me. You can blame the baby if you want.) Let's just say I enjoyed a few "grapes."

  2. Gonna be one mellow baby. You deserve after Dillon the Terror. :)