Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is this thing on?

Google has a gadget, and I don't think it works. Which is irritating. It's this little box that pops up on my internet home page, and is SUPPOSED to allow me to write a blog post straight from here. Liars.

Well, crikey! It worked this time. Amazing!!! Hmm.. that could be fun. But if you see some random posts with nonsense typing, assume it's little fingers.

With that, I'll blabber on a bit more. :D

Morning confessional:
I ate ice cream twice yesterday. And a donut. Don't tell my OB. Not that I've gained any weight, but it wouldn't jive well with the whole Gestational Diabetes thing.

And I fed chips to my children at 9am today.

And someone else had hotdogs for breakfast. (not me)

We're on a health kick. Can you tell?

I'm not sure why my husband took a picture of that. **shivers**

Here's sweet Cheeks yesterday on her first day of preschool. She was so excited, and ready to finally join the big kids. Took off like a bullet and never looked back. Not even a "see ya later, mom." She was also very bummed this morning to find out that it was not her school day.

And these handsome fellas... Mm mm. Love 'em! We went to a local state park for a family outing last weekend. They have some nice walking trails, with the highlight being a large waterfall, and two sets of stairs both fit to send a pregnant woman into labor. Fall is coming, as evident by leaves already turning (Yippee!!), and you have to enjoy those nice last days while you have them. Daddy had a hard time "letting go" and letting a certain little one run around the dangerous territory of hills and cliffs and such. But here they shared a nice moment of checking stuff out, cheek to cheek. I love how little hands rest so tenderly upon big protective shoulders. Daddy shoulders are good stuff.

Ok. All done.

Wait, I take that back.

Check this out...

I totally want one. I love this stuff (The Vintage Pearl) but there are so many options it makes an indecisive girl like me get stuck. Plus, I have too many kids for some of the things. Not enough space for all their names. Well, that and I don't know all their names, yet.

You can click here to win one, too. :D

Ok, now I'm really done.


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