Tuesday, February 14, 2012

National Ferris Wheel Day

Did you know that today, February 14th, is National Ferris Wheel Day? To celebrate this occasion, I decided to make heart shaped pancakes, covered in Nutella, Extra-Creamy Redi-Whip, strawberries and blueberries.

This earned me the comment "This is the best (National Ferris Wheel Day) I've ever had. (Ok ok, she said Valentine's Day.) Aw, thanks, Koko.

Wow. That was easy.

However, kudos to Cheeks who, without her, this day would never have been possible, as she was the one who woke me up early, crying with a sore throat and fever of 101.4.

Not even my delicious pancake-o-love surprise could make her feel better.

On another note, DOES THIS SICKNESS EVER END? (We've endured 11 consecutive days, now, of someone sick with a high fever, vomiting, diarreah, or both, or, to add to the list, a sore throat. And that was after a kick your butt cold that fortunately attacked mostly just me. And now Kong, I guess. UGH. My stomach hasn't even fully recouperated yet. But THANK THE LORD the puking is over, and it did not strike the smallest of the monkeys. No, Huggyface just suffered in other ways (cough, broken leg and stitches to the eyebrow).

So, Happy Hearts and Ferris Wheels to ya!

May you spin right round with LOVE today. And no puking.

**Addendum: Cheeks did finally get her own pancake special. While it may have been 4 days after the fact, she still enjoyed every delicious bite, and found it to be just as special. Which then earned me another "you're the best mom ever."

Also, in case you didn't get it, this is my anti- response to the bombarding Valentine's wishes out there. It's sort of barfy and overwhelming, and I'm not even single. So much mush and gush.


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