Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hotch puckering lips?

Have you ever looked at your blog stats? I mean, I guess you'd have to blog for that. But if you blog... I find it interesting to see where people are coming from, both in terms of geographical location and internet location, and search terms that might lead someone here.

I'm not sure how a website on dental implants would lead someone here, but it did. Or some kind of job finder thing. I also like to see who of my followers check in, and if I've commented somewhere, did people there check me out. (And while I know commenting is a good way to get traffic to your blog, that's not why I ever comment. I do leave my link, just in case though. :D)

The search terms, though, those are killer. I've had some doozies. (Well, not that much of a doozy.) Some are amusing. Others quite frightening. In fact, I've even gone so far as to google a certain term myself to see if it leads me to my blog. (It didn't.)

This week, "just because I don't have a real job" is on the list. Uh... huh? Maybe I mentioned that somewhere. **insert dazed look here** "Love talk with dog face to face" is a little baffling. Especially since we don't have a dog and I don't even know what love talk with a dog would sound/look like. Or that I would do that. That one brought someone twice. Or two people, but I find that unlikely. "Baby flaky hair and smell" seems more in line with my blog though I don't recall ever blogging about that. Since my memory is bad, I'll just take blogger/google's word for it. "Cut hair on the flooring" I KNOW I've blogged about. Several times, in fact. But "hotch puckering lips"? Yes, hotch, which I'm assuming should be 'hot' so apparently that person can't type. Puckering lips??? This one borders on the scary part. 

Just now, since I didn't think hotch was a real word, I googled it - because what else does one do when one has a question but to google - and hotched (not just hotch, though) actually means to fidget. Now ya know. You're welcome.

So fidgety puckering lips, then? LOL Sorry. But if you visualize that one, it'll make you laugh, too. Come on, you know you want to fidget your puckering lips! DO IT! (and I really am LOL in that.)


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