Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kong Comes Along

It was time for another trip to our favorite local adventure... The Dam. The fall weather here has been rather un-fall like until lately, and then it has been accompanied by gale force winds. (No joke on the winds, either. 30-50 mph gusts, and one even led to a friend's house being burnt down. Seriously.) So needless to say, the gorgeous fall color that we had here only lasted about a week before it all blew away. But that wasn't gonna stop our adventuring.

As we sat around the table this weekend, the kids were brainstorming places we could go (you know, like DisneyWorld, or the Mall of America, or... Granted, one is much closer and much cheaper than the other but... I was looking for quick and low budget). Well, Mrs. Bananas threw out her suggestion of The Dam, and there was no dam way were NOT going there. This time, however, Daddy, aka King Kong, was home and his participation on this field trip was, ahem, "politely requested." cough.

This new face? Hilarious, with a scrunchy nose. But wait... it gets better.

You would have thought the wait was going to kill them. I can't tell you how many times I heard, "Is lunch ready yet? Can we go now? How long before we go?"

It was nice to have Kong there, to join in our experience. Granted, it was all different because he was there, but nevertheless, it was an enjoyable time. He took a little stroll with us before George whisked him away for a little football tossing. (Which, can I say, is totally abnormal for our family. We're not sporty. At. all.) It was sweet to see this father-son moment, though.

The monkeys kids played happily on the jungle gym, asking, "Mom! Mom! Watch me! Mom! Mom! Take a picture of this!" Ok. I'd be happy to.

See? It's so funny, this new thing. He makes a couple new faces.

A few of us took our usual stroll up the hill to the highway, with LOTS of stops along the way for camera experimentation. (I won't bore you with that today, though.) Somehow, I managed to get out of stroller duty. (And no, Cheeks didn't pee her pants, in case you noticed that.)

I shot over 156 pictures. How do you cut that down into one post? I don't know. So expect to see a few more soon. If, you know, I actually get around to it. :D

Daddy being a goof.

Sneak Peak at mommy's mini-photo shoot.

We only stayed about an hour. Given the coughs that pervaded our crew and the winds that were still blowing, not to mention the overwhelming smell of "money" (read: pig manure being spread on fields), that was enough time. Plus, the promise of chips and cheese for supper (a much requested, never given treat) helped the transition back to home. But before we left, we got one of the kids to take a nice, and rare, picture of King Kong and Mrs. Bananas together.

Thanks guys! 
(The true enjoyment was in the laughs we had trying to get said child to take the picture, 
thus our big goofy smiles.)

What a great adventure!

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  1. i love this story of the monkeys. very cute pictures,