Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just a normal Saturday

**eyes closed**head hanging**shakes head** 


What I'm about to write, I'm writing because it's that, beat my child (not really - figure of speech), or cry. Or maybe I'll do all three.


Today the plan was to go to Farmer's Market, hit the grocery store, come home, and later go to a BBQ at some friends' house. We had a slight (and pleasant) change of plans where we were going to swap out the Farmer's Market idea when a friend called an asked if she could drop by to visit, kids can play at the park. HECK YEAH! I love company. Even better when they call to warn me so I can put on a bra.

A while later, my friend and her children leave, and Mr. Boots comes back from the park, riding his bicycle. Normal stuff. Except when he gets closer I see something on his bike. What's that?.....

POOP?!?! You've got to be kidding me. Who poops their pants while riding a bike? Really? REALLY!?!?!? Ugh. So yeah, it's squished right out the back of his pants, on his shirt and plopped onto his bike. Lovely. It's clearly a full load.

To futher demonstrate that point, because of coarse you want to hear the gory details, when I turned the pants inside out, it looked like he had pooped his knees.

Oh joy of my life.

A fact about me, in case you missed it, I DON'T DO POOP. I have thrown away undies and shorts (like, the ONE good pair of shorts the kid had) because there was just too much poop. We are so short on pants right now, I just don't have that option. As it is, I can barely keep him in pants, or even shorts despite the 50 degree days, because some days there are lots of accidents. sigh.

How long does potty training take, again?

TRICK 1: It's MUCH easier to get poop off clothing with the water hose than by dunking them in the toilet.

TRICK 2: Newspaper makes a good floor cover for de-pants-ing - no mess on the floor!! 

I'll let you know when I discover a trick for getting poop off naked-body, poop-filled crevices. It's too cold for the hose, and I don't live in the country. #shucks!

Kid bathes, I hose down clothing outside. Kid is supposedly watching a movie while I take a 10 minute break to de-poopify my mind and gather my wits. (Yeah right.) Boy comes in and starts digging thru my camera case (for the fancy camera) with PEANUT BUTTER COVERED HANDS!


Not only that, but he has decided to not only have a pb snack, but a drink all at the same time, and has gotten out the koolaid and poured it into the peanut butter jar.

I kid you not, people, I'm not making this up. I don't have enough creative brain cells to knock together these days to come up with this on my own.

Pardon me, I have to go cry in my room. Where it's poop-free.


  1. Oh dear. We do have special kids, do we not?

  2. They ARE amazing, in their own special, mischievous, pull-you-hair-out way. lol

  3. Hi my friend needs potty training tips for her son he is 2 years old and still in diapers. Should my friend still do the towel potty training method for her son to go potty number2 for her? Thanks.

    1. Well, Anonymous, I'll try to respond but not sure you'll get this.

      Age 2 is considered young (for boys) by lots of people's standards here in the US. I have NO IDEA what a towel potty training method is, so sorry I can't help you out on that one. I would say, the child has to do at least some interest to indicate that he is ready. Then, I'd just let him run naked for a few days, give him lots to drink, STAY AT HOME, and TAKE HIM (do not ask him) to the bathroom and sit him on the potty every 15 minutes. Every. 15. minutes. Some parents even find it helpful to make them sit there for 5-10 minutes while there, if he doesn't pee right away. Expect accidents. As for #2, that just takes time, some luck, and the kid has to WANT to do it. I find, that in this instance, a toy is a really good incentive. Put it up out of reach but where he can see it. When he goes poop in the toilet, then he gets the prize. If you have the problem of him pooping in his pants after that, put the toy up, back in that visible spot, and he gets to play with it for a certain amt of time, say 10-30 minutes. But make sure you take it away again until he poops the next time. So he only gets a little time to play with it, so that it remains special, and he will want to poop in the toilet so he can get that toy.

  4. Ok thankyou I will tell my friend .

  5. My friend says thankyou. And she wants you to try the towel potty training method. Its where she lays her son down on the towel and has his diaper off underneath him. And when he feels the urge to go he will go very little then she gives him an enema every 3 to 5 days if he didn't go for her.

  6. My friend asks you if you tried the towel potty training method yet for your child or toddler?

  7. If you need help potty training your child, toddler, baby let me know I can help you by walking you through the towel potty training ok.

  8. Did you try the towel potty training method yet? I will walk you through it ok.

    1. Hi. Sorry for delayed reply. Summer is busy.

      I actually don't like the idea of having to give my kid an enema just to get him to poop. And my kid has no physical problems with pooping. If he were having PROBLEMS? Sure, if it's MEDICALLY needed (impacted bowels / constipation). As a potty training method, it sounds unnatural and wrong. They will go in the toilet when they are READY. I don't want him to learn to poop on a towel. I want him to poop in the toilet. He can poop in his diaper if he's not ready for the toilet. I'm ok with that. He'll get there eventually. :)

      I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND abandoning the towel method you described. It's not teaching them what you want. Which is to use the toilet, and messing with their natural body rhythms by giving frequent and unnecessary enemas probably isn't healthy.