Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dam Fine Store

Little towns usually have hidden gems. Spots that at first look might appear "not that great." It's that second, unhurried look where you notice the charm. We have one of these pretty near us. It's actually well known around here.

My husband grew up in our small town, the son of a fairly conservative (at the time) Christian single mom. There was absolutely NO SWEARING permitted. Except.... when you went to this joint. Because... it's called.... The Dam Store. I tell ya, kids can have a LOT of fun with that. (Adults too. teehee.)

As the sign states, they sell a bit of what you need. The menu is pretty small, though I think they've added to it a bit over the last decade or so. The main things they're famous for are burgers and pie. They now offer grilled cheese, chicken strips, tator tots and fries, plus chips, pop and shakes. And bait, if you plan on doing a little river fishing. Some little old lady made the pies for years, but the owners daughter apprenticed under her and took over when the other lady was somewhere around 93 years old. You can read all about that here.

We like to point out the nature around us. Be sure to check out the enormous bee hive in the picture above hanging right up there with birthday balloons and chips, and the two racks of deer antlers below. Oh, you can't miss the cute cross stitch someone made.

Besides the antlers, hives, a wall full of mounted fish (sorry, no pic) and odd assortment of cute little signs, local art also adorns the walls. You may even be able to purchase copies of special commemorative prints done by local artists. But don't quote me on that.

This little treasure of a place is located next to... you guessed it... a dam. It also boasts a campground and hydroelectric plant. A complete package, don't you think? (teehee)

It's an interesting place to go to eat,

let the kids run around a bit,

the scenery is beautiful,

and the roar of the water exhilarating.

I highly recommend going to the Dam Store. It's dam fine.

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  1. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of a very rural little shop like this in Iowa....getting to go there and get a soda was the highlight of our days. :) Rural small towns are grossly underrated!