Saturday, August 6, 2011


No one will ever call this girl lazy.

 Pardon the bad picture. Bright sun and shade don't mix kindly with exposures.

She's a goal oriented, go-getter. Enthusiastic, and (usually) undaunted by a little work.

She wanted to have a little "garage sale" where she could "sell stuff," explaining to me how we would put tape and write on it.

Why, I asked.

Oh, so we could have extra money for groceries and stuff.

How sweet, but I think we have enough money for groceries.

She and her sister, that is. So I sent them off to find their merchandise.

Mama came up with the signs.

We sold a golf ball to the neighbor boy, and God Bless the woman who drove by, turned around and came back, to buy a bald naked Barbie for a quarter, and told Koko to "keep the change."

My girl was so happy.


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