Saturday, September 3, 2011

Man in Motion

Or rather, Baby in Motion.

Video from a month ago. He already seems older than this. sigh. (that's my mama-heart breaking)

He never stops moving. When he's eating, his arms and legs are constantly in motion, by rotating his wrists and ankles, kicking and banging. It's no wonder he eats so much. He burns it all off as it's going down.

He has also worn out that "bumbo" seat, as you can see it cracked in the front. What baby wears out a bumbo??? Oh yeah, mine.  Monkey in training. aka Wild Man.

You also see George popping in, complete with bedhead and his 3rd cast (which is now off and replaced with a removable splint.). Please nevermind the state of the house. This was shot before/during/after clean-up clean-up time. We live in a constant state of living. It's the way it is with Many Small Monkeys. And I guess, we wouldn't have it any other way. (Not that we could if we wanted to.)

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