Monday, September 12, 2011

Flashback! to Not Me Monday.

I guess the madness is back! MckMama has brought back Not Me Monday, and since it's usually theraputic comical (not that comical things ever happen in my house *wink wink*), and I need some therapy humor, I'll join in. Here are some of the things that "did not" happen at Casa de Monkeys lately.

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It was "not me" who both thanked and apologized to the preschool teacher as I dropped my 3 yr old off for his first day of preschool.

It was "not me" who forgot to give Boy Boots a much-needed haircut before his first day of school, and thus had to rectify the situation with entirely too much hair gel. He did not come home with a head full of "gel flakes" to the point where it looked like he had a case of extreme dandruff. On the bright side, he got a lot of compliments on his "hairdo."

It was "not me" who celebrated today as the first day of school for all the kids (minus baby - who napped the entire time, btw, woohoo!) by DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. No way would I waste the opportunity to do some much needed tasks around the house without the interruption of my many monkeys.

It was "not me" who was so shocked to come home Friday afternoon and find my hubby fixing the sidewalk leading to the house. I would never choose to communicate in off-handed comments and then be elated to find that someone actually listened.

It was "not me" who cracked the new concrete sidewalk before it was dry after painstakenly trying to keep everyone else off.

Because Aunt Flo was so late upon arrival, I "did not" contemplate getting a pregnancy test, nevermind that the "road has been closed," ifyaknowwhatImean.

It was "not me" who asked my hubby to drive 15 miles one way just to buy me "turkey bags" (you know, for cooking a turkey), knowing he would just for an excuse to ride his motorcycle, not only because I needed a turkey bag, but also because I wanted a turn on the computer.

It was "not me" who decided to introduce Huggyface to his first table food experience by serving him the full turkey dinner I made, complete with stuffing, turkey and gravy. This choice, on my part, was "not" so that it would entertain him and I could blissfully eat my own plate of food. He did "not" enjoy every fistful finger licking morsel that was placed before him. Neither was he wearing a good portion of it. There was "not" turkey under his eye and I "did not" find that amusing.

I "did not" do that same thing with chocolate animal crackers on the way home from church, again in an attempt to keep him quiet.

And finally, it was "not me" who ate TWO bowls of ice cream last night (while everyone else had... none)  WITH caramel. I would not have justified that move with the fact that the first one was a little small, and that since I've had a rough week I deserved it. (Neither would I divulge on the world wide interwebs that such stress-induced behavior has gained me about 4 lbs this week.)

Well, there ya have it. Have anything to add? What have YOU "not" done this week?


  1. Thanks for making me smile! Love that Not Me is back :)

  2. AXE is a great hair gel that leaves no white flakes whatsoever.

  3. This is funny. :) I love ice cream with caramel too. And I TOTALLY get wanting a turn on the computer. Well played. haha