Friday, January 7, 2011

It's not all bad

Ok, so I got some sleep and started a new day, (a babysitter helped too) and I'm not so crazy today. Or, I tried not to be.

God has been impressing upon me to "come unto me" so I've started praying out loud (cuz the huz usually is working) at 4:30 am, which is when I am usually awake nursing. Just telling God to have my day, to come in and meet me where I am, fill the gaps where I'm not, and deal with this little guy's dog gone tongue. It helps.

My attitude is also a tone-setting factor. This morning I heard the kids stirring in their beds, so I yelled out a cheerful "Good Morning." I got a couple takers who came to my bedside, and I greeted them with smiles and "hugs" (as much as you can when you are laying down and breast feeding a baby) and cheerful conversation, as a way to set the tone for the day. Just loving on them and giving them face time. It kinda worked. And the day has been all right. Not stellar, but not horrible.

It's ever so clear that we are all feeling the effects of having a new baby in the house, and we're all not getting something we need. I guess we just need to try a little harder and have a lot more grace.

But it's not all bad.

I do have a baby who is starting to get more alert and interactive, and has begun doing this funny little thing with his legs. I'll be holding him and he'll kick out his legs, together, and make this little grunting noise. Not the kind like he's pooping. More like an ugh. He'll just kick and kick. It's so funny. He's done it a couple times now. I love it. He's also smiling every now and then. Usually in the morning. That's the best. Parents are always waiting for those first smiles and coos. We are getting some "verbal" interaction going on, too. It's not really coos or goo's, sometimes it's just the way he breathes, but it's like he's talking to you. I have heard a few actual sounds coming from him, but you'd better be listening or you'll miss it.

Oh, and he likes music. If he's sitting with you at the computer and something comes on, he gets quiet and usually faces the screen. It's not working right now. Apparently he's not really into the Zac Brown Band. Oh well.

Boots is very funny with Huggyface. He is constantly saying "I wuv my brudder." Melt your heart sweet. He's very gentle when he touches him, caressing his face, talking to him, getting cheek to cheek. Hard to believe that the other side of his personality is so rough and drive me crazy destructive tumble.

George is having his first over-nighter tonight. Granted it's just at his cousin's house down the street, but it's exciting and his mama feels very comfortable with this arrangement. I thank God every day for my brother. I'm so glad that they live just down the street, and that the boys are best friends.


I need to focus on the good. This becomes hard to do when challenges come up, but that is precisely when you need to. Like a life raft, I need to cling to the good I can see rather than that which drags me down. This might mean I need to invest in some good ear plugs. Anyone have a good supplier?


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