Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Minute Friday

I figure since I'm not very good a being regular about posting (partially because it takes me hours to wrote one post, with all the interruptions and whatnot) I'll try this. Whatever I can write in five minutes.

Ready. Set. Go -->

My baby is making noises, which means my time is going to end soon. (type faster)

While everyone else is starting their weekend, we're just ending ours.

I hate it when Kong leaves for work. I miss him. A lot. Sometimes I cry. I don't like being lonely. THat's also why I'm a FB addict. But, it also is like a reminder that I love him. Just his presence is comforting.

Or, maybe I cry because I know I'll be.. gasp!... left alone with all. these. children. AHHHHHH.

But I always survive. :D

When we were praying for him at bible study tonight, he called. Right then. The timing was uncanny. No mere coincidence, in my thinking. God knows what he's doing. Which is a good thing. Cuz I don't.

Ding ding ding. Time's up. Probably. Cuz I forgot to look at the clock.

G'night. Or, g'mornin, if that's when you're reading this.


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