Friday, July 9, 2010

Cake. It's Owl right.

Cake season is upon me again, with all the flurry of birthdays going on here in the summer. I'm a tad late in making a 4th of July post, but hey, I've got 4+ monkeys to tend to. Life's busy. You forgive, I'm sure.

Since we don't normally have her here on her birthday, I busted out all the bells tips and whistles and came up with a cake I knew Schweetheart would be happy with. She loves owls. It was a success. In fact, it may even be my favorite cake yet.

First on the birthday agenda was the Independence Day parade. The day looked to be gloomy, with rain forcasted for much of the day, but in the end, the rain ended an hour before the big parade in my "home town" and not a drop afterward. We lucked out with close parking and seating, and ended up picking a nice spot, where we soon realized we were just 2 driveway's down from my SIL's inlaw's house. (Oh, and such a gorgeous old home with beautiful woodwork of the kind you don't find today. sigh of nostalgia/envy.) And it also provided us, ok me, with close access to a bathroom. YAY! So we moved over and joined their crowd. (Sorry, no pics. Left the camera in the car.)

Kids had a great time. Restocked our candy pile a bit, and I got to see my old marching band and another local favorite marching band. (Band Geeks Unite!!!! Woot woot!) Then off for a birthday picnic in the park. Walking tacos were the requested fare, great for kids and adults and picky eaters alike. I must also say, Parks rock. Playground for the kids, essentially uninterrupted conversation for the adults. No one has to clean house. Win-win!

Sorry, I failed to get any pics of the cute, yet minimal, decor. We did do it up a little. Balloons and matching tablecloth, anyway.
We even managed to get a family picture. Any tips on how to get kids to ALL look at the camera?

We headed home for a rest (where I took a much needed nap - 3am was the time my cake decorating ended), a late supper, and then fireworks.

I love fireworks. My partner-in-monkey-making? Not so much. He poops the party in that respect. Oh well. Doesn't slow me down. (This actually was the second time we've gone to fireworks this year. The first time was blog worthy too, though for the life of me I can't remember at this mo if I blogged it. sigh. Occupational hazzard, I guess. Am I rambling?) So the kids and I, Boots included this time (his first fireworks), headed out to a neighboring small town for the explosive festivities.

This town, with it's population of a whopping 350 people, puts on a good show. And, you can park so close that the fireworks are going off essentially on top of you. (Which consequently makes those dud-bombs REALLY loud. Also, it's important to check which way the wind is blowing, and park upwind so flaming bits of paper are not landing on your head.) Parked on the side of the highway, you just whip out your lawn chairs, or stay in your car away from the skeeters, and enjoy. Tune your car radio to a local radio station for a musical simulcast thingy and viola! Instant patriotism. The kids are still a little scared of the loud noise, poor Boots was not expecting it, and I failed to prepare him by covering his ears, so he was shaking like a leaf. He hung in there for about 10 minutes and then dove for the safety of his car seat.

We were all in bed by 11pm. But do you think anyone could sleep in the next morning? By the time I get them adjusted to "my" summer schedule, it will be time to change them back. Oh well.

Oh, I almost forgot. On the way home from our afternoon picnic, we saw this deer, hanging out on the edge of a parking lot, near the university. We sat and looked at it for a long time. Did I ever mention I love where I live?

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