Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh Dear Blog,

I am so very sorry I have been neglecting you. It's not because I don't miss you or love you. I just happen to be really really tired. One of the reasons pertains to a certain monkey, I may have mentioned him, he's the baby. Well, this little baby wants to play with the big boys kids, and keeps running outside. I have surrendered, essentially. There is not amount of door locking or barricading that I can do to keep the little bugger in. Trust me when I say I have tried. Everything. To no avail. I have to force his siblings to stay inside so I can get dressed, eat breakfast. Sometimes I can get them to stay til just about lunch. Then the race is on, and torture ensues (for both parties) til lunch in made and eaten. But then, outside we must go. For boy monkeys must run, and play with toys and see puppies. There's also some muttering about "obey" which includes not going in the street, which seems to be a bit challenging.

So pardon me while we take this tiny reprieve. Any suggestions in raising funds for fencing will be accepted, as well as donations for such. Then, once I can regain some control/energy/sanity, I must devote a considerable certain amount of time to Mr. Laundry. He has become very angry and crapped all over the house. He has left drawers empty and floors, corners, hampers full. We may need to mandate a "one outfit a week" policy in order to regain control.

Until then,...

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  1. I like the one outfit a week idea....I think you are on to something!!