Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We had a scheduled power outtage last night. 3am to 6am. No biggie. Except... ALL 3 of my older kiddos woke up due to no nightlight. (Boots doesn't really care, so he only stirred a little.) My first visitor was George, who is the most freaked out by this, crying. Come on in, I said. (Daddy was gone working so there was room.) Of coarse, this kids doesn't like to sleep with you, he, since birth, prefers under you. It's weird. Maybe it's replicant of the womb experience. I, however, am not interested in having someone that close to me. sigh. What a mother does for her children.

Second came Koko, who started crying for mommy. By that time George was asleep so I went to the girls' room (so as not to add any more to MY bed) and layed on her bed with her. Since it was just barely starting to get light I opened the bedsheet curtain (they have a HUGE window in their room) and so by the time she kicked me out (no joke - she "needed her space." lol Like mother like daughter.) half an hour later, it was manageable for her. Cheeks cried too, but I just told her it's ok. She was reassured enough just hearing my voice so near that she went right back to sleep. I, on the otherhand, do not have this skill most of my children inherited by their father that allows them to fall asleep easily. Needless to say, I am doggone tired today.

It's just funny to think that something that shouldn't affect them, because they're supposed to be sleeping, was, even to me, noticeable immediately. I woke up too. It was weird.


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