Saturday, November 28, 2009

I got nuthin'

Can you believe it? Me.. with nothing to say. Unbelievable.

I know I've been a bit absent. I just have not had a single thing to tell ya.

Seriously, though. Is my life boring? Well, I guess so. As boring as it can be with 4 monkeys spicing things up.

Thanksgiving was nice. I didn't have to do "anything." Anything being a relative term, meaning that I was not responsible for making anything for the T-day meal. I did make a fruit salad, baklava because I felt like it, and cupcakes so my brood would have a tasty treat (as pumpkin is not a favorite for them, yet). And I still did laundry, dishes, cleaning, vacuuming, bathing, dressing and all the other stuff that mom's just do.

See? Even that is boring to me.

The primates say funny things, but I forget them. They do funny things, but I might only find it funny later. Today they wrote on themselves with dry erase marker. Which is worse than permanent marker, in case you are uneducated about such things. But body art is a daily occurrance here. So, not gut busting funny. Just normal.

Cheeks just told me, as I was eating the leftover turkey dinner than the MIL sent home with us, "I made that for you." Hmmm... really? A full turkey dinner complete with tamales (from my "SIL")? Such skills you have at 2. A prodigy, I dare say.

King Kong is black powder / muzzleloader hunting. Hasn't seen anything yet, though.

I bought some sheet sets at Kohl's. $9.99 each. I pranced in during the last 5 minutes of the Black Friday sale. No 4 a.m. shopping for me. Then I bought two birthday presents and a Christmas present online.

I know. You're so riveted.

Maybe I need to pray for divine inspriation, lest I lose all ya'll's interest.

Dear Father, who art in heaven,
please bless my brain with blog-worthy blubberings.
Shed light on the transpirings
Of crazy monkeylike children
In a way such that I might find humor in my life. Amen.

Can you believe I'm denying the right to let Koko vacuum, right now?

Yeah, I'll keep praying.


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