Sunday, November 22, 2009


Halloween. Yeah, I know. This is very. very. late. So late, it's probably boring.

You'd think by now I would have learned my lesson to ALWAYS remember my camera.

nope. not me. sigh.

In my defense, I have FOUR kids and their accoutrements to juggle. If all I'm forgetting is the camera, (and not a kid) I think I'm doing pretty well, most days.

Here we have George, the "special forces police", complete with special vest, walkie talkie thing, and gun (which of coarse was not present at school). Koko is wearing her uniform, er, I mean, costume - a cheerleader! She definitely fits the suit, as she is encouraging, and great at cheering others on.

Miss Cheeks is sporting her own style of cheer uniform. Please note it says "Yell Leader"  on it. Fairly appropriate, I think. (Although an interesting tidbit of info is that the Texas A&M Yell Leaders are always male - and it's an elected campus position. Funny that they would make a costume that is so obviously for a girl.) Baby Boots did his best to be festive, but Mrs. Bananas finds it basically pointless to torture put small children in ridiculously uncomfortable or hot costumes, (especially those that include hats or such) and then actually expect them to wear them, happily. So he got a nice cheap Halloween t-shirt from Old Navy... again. :D And the cute lion costume will just remain in the dress-up box. This (see below) being the lion costume of which I speak. Isn't she cute? Though I'm pretty sure the size said 12-18 months, not years.

And for the real wowzer... dunt da da daaaaaH!

I know! So much different than any other day, huh! And yes, I'm super excited to show you my double chin. The only other pic that shows my home-made logo t-shirt is this pic.

Which looks like I'm in flight.
From my SuperMom powers. Not my broom, thankyouverymuch.
(And don't think I don't know some of you probably thought that. I'm oooooonnn to ya!)


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