Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello, World!

Can I just give a shout out to all those readers from distant lands?


My blog tracker thingy shows hits from the Czech Republic, Poland, and 2 different places in Canada, just in the last 4 days. I've also seen hits from Russia, Chile, Argentina, Africa, Spain (though I know who those ppl are) and Romania in just the last month alone. And that's just what I can remember.

That's so awesome to me.

I'm a world girl. I am fascinated by people, language, culture, food, customs. It's all very exciting to me. I knew I wanted to learn foreigh languages since I was four. I've only learned one, and bits of others, but life's not over yet. :) I was very involved with the International Club and peoples in all three of the colleges I attended (here, here and here), and I've traveled to England, Greece, and Spain, as well as lived in Madrid, Spain for a year. One of the best years of my life.

I would love to hear a bit from you all when you stop by. Leave me a comment and share a bit about yourself. It would brighten my day.


  1. I know I had left a comment on here...strange. Unless you have comment moderation on. Can't remember. I will see when I hit post I suppose. Grin

  2. Nope. Hmmm? wonder what happened to it? I'll come back later and re-post it.