Saturday, June 13, 2009

Graduation '09

Then end of the school year has come. We're ready for summer, warm weather, and days filled with fun and frollicking. But we can't enter summer without graduation. The preschool class always has a graduation program. The usual song and dance bit showcasing their work. The kids generally don't disappoint in provoking a little laughter.

B-Boy will actually be "graduating" and going to Kindergarten next year, while KJ will attend preschool one more year. You can typically tell who the younger ones are, because the more animated ones are the older kids, who sing louder and dance around more. Case in point, B-boy (so dashing in a tie), who last year stood still and mute. The only time in his life that will ever probaby happen. KJ (in princess pink & polka dots), was doing ok until she heard her sister call her name, spotted daddy, and then realized "there were a lot of audience."

May I point out that the screaming baby was not mine.
In this clip check out B-Boy's funny faces.

In this clip listen for Cheeks calling out KJ's name,
and then notice her sudden shy, stage fright kind of demeaner from then on out.
Nevermind. It wouldn't load.

The recieving of the "diploma." B-Boy was in a hurry. That, or my camera was "busy" processing (stupid camera). KJ, of coarse, stood perfectly posed.

Can I say that we are so proud of my beautiful children? And not to go unnoticed is the fact that they were of the best dressed in their class. :D

Bye, Miss Brenda. See ya next year.


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