Saturday, June 13, 2009

Feeling cheeky?

So in my last post, seemingly ages ago, I mentioned cheeks. Cheeks on Cheeks. I've gotten sidetracked by warm days and dirt, VBS and backyard squablles, lawn care and laundry. OH, and surely I can't forget my women's retreat!!! Ah, relaxation and quiet. So, please pardon the delay.

I find it fascinating to look at my children's undressed forms and observe how completely different their shapes can be. Long and lean, stocky but strong, round, petite, effeminate, masculine, protruding pot bellies, tenderonies (you know, that little inner thigh fat that's so cute on newborns, not on grown ups), dimpled tushies. I love it. I have images in my head of them all standing at the tub, waiting to get in. I marvel in their individual beauty. Surely our Creator takes pleasure in creating each one of us. It shows.

Back to cheeks. Last day of school (May 20th, yeah, this is late) was a scortcher. 91 degrees, I believe. Despite the gale force winds, I set up the pool. I told them they had to wait until after lunch to get in. Mostly so the water could warm up. They couldn't resist that long. At one point I looked out the window and saw this. Did I mention we live on the corner of Main Street and the county highway that goes thru our town? Uh, yeah. I need a fence.

To note: she did have a diaper on when I dressed her. Who knows where it went.


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