Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random blog farts

B-boy keeps talking about vampire bats. (I have NO IDEA where he learned about vampire bats, but it probably was some annoying cartoon like Word Girl.) Wednesday we were at a park, and he's going on and on about vampire bats, hunt and trapping vampire bats, and having a grand ole time. He was really amusing himself. Then I realized he was singing a song, and upon listening a little closer, realized it was to the tune to a Barbie and the Diamond Castle song. Then I was amused. Seriously, laugh-out-loud kind of amused. Well, kid, if you're singing a Barbie song, way to "boy it up." Makin' yer daddy proud. (Hopefully he didn't scare away the daddy-daughter duo who were also playing at the park, with all his talk of vampires and bats. On second thought, who cares. :D)
Disclaimer: We do hear an awful lot of Barbie songs around here. With 2 sisters, you can't blame the guy. Even daddy knows the words. It's one sing-y movie. (Can I do that, just add a -y to the end of any word I want to make an adjective?) We also have the Barbie's to match, and when you put their hands together, they sing duets. They're only mildly annoying.

He also got a tick yesterday. A real treasure from the auto parts heaven junk yard that he went to with Hubba Hubba. I didn't notice it til much later in the day. Then I had to figure out how to remove it. To note: nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol DO NOT WORK. After trying those two things I was not about to stick a smoldering match to his head. All reports online say the proper way is to use a pointy tweezers, get as close as you can to putting the tweezers between the scalp and the bug's head, and pull it off. Pull straight, no twisting. It's even best if you take a little skin with it. And keep the tick sealed in a jar. Just in case. I got it. Skin included. Now safely sealed in a jar. Thing is, now I've got the creepy crawlies, even today. Blech!

I still have a sore throat, but everyone else seems fine. And I've only missed 2 doses each (non-consecutively) of their antibiotics. That's pretty good, for me. Though we still have a few more days to go. Hopefully this will cure Lil'D's ear issues. Oh, and did I mention how in addition to the cold, ear infections, teething, and antibiotic-induced diaper "issues", Lil'D also got Pink Eye from his sister. He was one drool-y, boogery, oozy mess. And still, he's got a smile on his face, Frankenstein hair and all. (This picture was taken while in the real thick of it all. He doesn't look that pathetic now.)

Lil'D had his first serving of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese today. (After his steamed peas and carrots, of coarse.) When I asked him if he liked it, he smiled, then did this grunt/growl thing for a bit, and then laughed. I would say that means yes.

He has also started pulling himself up to stand. And yesterday and today has done some actual crawling. He still flops down to the army crawl position for long range and speed crawling. But it's coming.

KJ had a fun time with my camera the other day. She did ask permission, and she got a few great shots. Plus plenty of shots of the tv, my butt, and the ceiling fan. Her best one was of Hubba Hubba.

We had crazy-hot weather here Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday's temp set a record. At 6:30 pm the bank's sign read 99 degrees. Wednesday was "only" 91, but with 40 mile/hr winds, you hardly could tell. We got a pool out that day anyway.

Miss Cheeks favorite word is currently "almost." I had the pleasure of pushing her while she was "almost swinging," and she uses it as an answer to a lot of questions. Generally speaking, whatever she says is downright funny.
I've got more. That's enough for now.


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