Monday, May 11, 2009

Not THIS mother, Monday.

Oh, no. It's not THIS mom's Monday. And this is not the Mother's Day edition
of all things NOT done in this household.

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All in a good day's mothering.

I did not do not a single doggone thing all day Saturday, not claiming it as Mother's Day weekend, and did not sit on the computer all day, reading blogs, writing TWO blog posts, FB'ing, or checking email, and not feeling guilty knowing I wouldn't probably get to relax on Sunday. This did not include failing to make meals for my children, because that would be UTTERLY irresponsible, and just allow them to help themselves for most of their nutritional needs. I did not scramble at 8:30 at night thinking I had to feed them something (pb&j anyone?), and that did not put them in bed at 9:30.
My husband did not walk in the door Saturday night, upon returning home from work, with a dozen roses in hand. I was not surprised as he does this all. the. time. He did not also have a funny card. I did not get yet another card from him Sunday because he wanted one that was more sentimental. My husband is always SO sentimental.

I did not give my boy a mini-faux hawk. Nor did I torture him while trying to get a pic of it. He loves having his picture taken. It is not adorable.

I did not have these two girly-o's jump in and want their pic taken too. They are not in love with having their picture taken, are not given to posing, nor making funny faces.
I did not take a pic of the three eating popcorn in the living room. I did not just make a rule that there will be no more eating in the living room. It is not a choking hazard to the most miniscule mister. After taking this pic, I did not notice how I did not just show the world the embarassing state of my walls "artwork" my current most challenging child loves to decorate our walls with. (Actual "artwork" from school not included. I put that there.) (Though, that IS a temporary wall, and is bare sheetrock. Not that that makes it any better.)

Since I'm not baring it all to the world, I did not decide to show you just HOW MUCH "artwork we have around our house, and therefore photo and post it here. I did not just find these this morning. I have not spent a fair amount of time scrubbing other "artwork" off the walls recently.
The first 3 are not complements of Cheeks, the fourth not done out of anger when B-Boy was sent to his room and "stamped" his way there, all the way up the stairs. You also cannot see half finished projects nor color testing on these example.
I am not super excited to now finally have trim on the windows of a room that is not going to be our bedroom, that will not be for adults only. When finished, this will not be the first time in 5 1/2 years we will have slept without children in our bedroom.
My husband did not say that I was painting it a "whackbag" color, and had better have a nice bedspread picked out that would actually go with it. He did not suggest that white would be a nice color, given how much I LOVE white walls. He is SO "metro" in his design and decorating skills.
The end. Happy Monday!


  1. I wanted to point out that Whackbag is an awesome word, and I totally wish my hubs was metro in that way. Also, that I love that Fauxhawk.

  2. Just found your blog via Not me Monday.
    Mommy to six soon to be 7!

  3. Love your pictures!
    Happy Monday!

  4. I can't find your friends blog lnk. The chippy charm one. Can you email it to me?

  5. Haha! GREAT Not me! Monday post! I can totally relate to, well, all of it! :)

    Lindsay, mother of 4 (ages 1,2,4,6)

  6. awesome that you got roses and that some day soon you will get an adult room.

  7. Your family is precious! I love that your blog seems to capture real life all too well!