Monday, February 8, 2010

Why NOT, Monday

After spending the last 2 hrs reading Not Me Monday posts, I decided I probably can come up with something to share. So why Not! :D Because I do NOT have an eventful life, it is NOT a comedy of errors.  There is never anything that is improper, inappropriate, unwise, or unsanitary going on in this house. And I just don't have anything that needs to be done around here. If you'd like to get in on the fun, or read a little more about all the other tales of things people did "NOT" do this week, just head on over to MckMama's blog for a little blog carnival therapy. Or, as I call it, share-apy.

I would have NEVER told my husband, upon hearing his complaint about having to wear dirty jeans today, "well, now you're just like the rest of us."
I did NOT just remember I needed to buy diapers today. We are NOT in the middle of a snow storm, so going to the store is not an option. Crap. (And I hope not too much of it.)

Of Friday evening, as we were calmly having a bedtime story, the 3 monkeys and I did NOT all watch in utter surprise and horror as Baby Boots puked all over Koko's bed. And by watch, I mean, literally just sat, and watched. 3 waves of barf, people. I then did NOT have to rush Miss Cheeks out. of. the. room. as she was making her own heaving noises. (you know how you watch and smell, and then it gets to you.)

I did NOT host a birthday party, despite a very sick Baby Boots. I did NOT figure that my warning people and putting him down for a nap during the festivities would be good enough preventative measures.

On my Things To Do Before the Birthday Pary Cleaning List, I did NOT have cleaning the turtle tank as a top priority, before cleaning the bathroom even. I was NOT worried that someone would call PETA on me for animal cruelty, as the water was, um, let's just say "not clear." (It's all good now.)

The birthday party was NOT a success, and my girl did NOT haul in!!! She hit the jackpot of gifts. (FYI: tacos in a bag/walking tacos are a big hit, and super easy.) It was NOT a cute but easy "pink" party.

This is NOT my daughter with a balloon under her dress, saying she's pregnant. Her grandmother did NOT put it there saying, "look, now you're just like mommy." Ahem.
And NO, I'm not pregnant.

Sigh. Now that it's 5 hours after I started this post, I've forgotten all the good stuff. This will have to do.


  1. Still love it Kelly....she is so adorable. And yes I love the fact that noah's favorite food it taco in a bag, for that is what i can serve at every birthday, and look like I saved the day. Have great day.

  2. Awhh! Abby is getting to be soooooo big! That is a very cute pic of her btw(: Give big hugs to all of them for me!