Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Spoiler alert: You are about to see my kids' Valentine's.... BEFORE Valentine's day. GASP! ...or whatever. 

For some strange reason, let's blame Pinterest, I decided that this year I wanted to make the school Valentine's. Not that there's anything wrong with box Valentine's. I've done them before and will do them again. But I always appreciate something creative, something not the norm. However, my "appreciating" doesn't always make me able/capable/organized enough to actually do something out of the norm. Hello! Five kids does not allow much time for putz-y artsy craftsy fun stuff. Nevermind that it's about 75 somethings I would have to make. And, crafty stuff isn't always cheap.

Introducing.... my wacky Valentine idea. :D

The little Chinese symbol means "friendship." (I thought "love" was probably a bit much for Kinder, second and third graders.)

I get my best ideas while washing dishes. Don't ask me why. Dishes were my second to least favorite chore while growing up. Now, it's my thinking time. A few days ago, as I was cleaning the kitchen, the idea suddenly came to me... Fortune Cookies! The teachers often times would rather you give something besides candy, but you can't make anything edible homemade. Fortune cookies, however, are not normal school holiday fare, aren't sugar laced, and offer a bit of fun with the fortune. AND, I could use a play on words in the nice little Valentine's message - Fortunately. (Ok. I'm a nerd.)

I have a really great friend with a really awesome scrapbooking program on her computer. She uses this thing to make all sorts of super cute stuff on all the time, and texts me pics all day of her adorable creations. After googling and experimenting unsuccessfully for over an hour, I called her. In minutes, she had exactly what I wanted, created on this program, and she texted me a picture. Woohoo! Send 'em to the printer, baby!

Before supper, I squashed my need for perfectionism let the kids sign and cut out their own hearts, then I stapled on the wrapped fortune cookies. Very easy. You could wow this up in a lot of ways with a contrasting paper backing, or filling mini take-out boxes, adding ribbon, glitter, or cello bags with other Asian inspired treats. 

This worked perfectly for my budget and desire for something "outside the (Valentine's) box." One box of cookies was $1.42 for about 13. That equaled out to less than $2.50 per class for the treats. The pack of card stock (50 pgs) cost about $3.50. Print. Cut. Staple. And if you staple it just so, the heart will stand up like it's on display. 

Now, hopefully, the kids' classmates will think it's as cool as I do. Or, at least I hope they won't think it's lame.

Happy Valentine's Day. 

Hope you have fun loving on those near and dear to you (romantic element not a requirement).


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